Ship Repair Simulator

Is it as exciting as a flight simulator?
It is a good laugh (if wet, cold and wobbly is you thing) but, unless you are reasonably close to Pompey, it is a short day. You get the same package as regular recruits. Briefing, training, getting wet (about 45 mins in the training rig) getting dry, debriefing in about 2 hrs. The instructors are a mix of civvy and Navy and are a great bunch. Recommended.
Second that recommendation, the DRIU is an excellent laugh, just make sure you get in the engine room bit, it was the only one that actually flooded up to the deckhead


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The DRIU fucked me up.

It was nothing to do with the 20 units of booze the night before.

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bloody good laugh. Make sure you get the short arses in the engine room or mess deck on the lower level.

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