Shiny things and other foreign kit.

What is the most desirable kit you have seen other nations issued with then decided it what we could do with too? For me it was always a Nowegian Army jumper. Nice and snuggly with a huge collar. I finally got one in Sarajevo in 98'. Smashing piece of kit. I liked the Frence fleeces too.
Oh, and any Nordic Bat saunas (top work scandenavian QM guys)!
Poncho liner.. its a great compromise on a light weight doss bag. You can wrap it round yourself if say you are on a long tab and stop and need to keep warm. friend of mine has also added a zip along its edge so that it can become a proper lightweight summer doss bag. Its light and takes up no room.

I have a US issue version, but I believe the German Army have something similar..

I also have a Norwegian Jumper, its toasty,....V warm
US cot! Hmmmmmm nice! Better than the jungle issue camp beds!

SA waistcoat belt kit. 2 hugh puches on the hips, a large pouch on the back for the camel back, 8 mag pouches and other bits. Shame it isnt IRR though. Good for tabbing in as it doesnt hold the heat in like ours do, you can fill your pockets as well, and good for vehicles.

German Flektarn hats.
Was on a sharpshooters course in Germany back in 96 and saw the camo the German Falshirmjeger were wearing, it worked better then our DPM, so I swaped a jungle hat for one and used it in my big hairy monster suit.

German Army Issue Lowa Combat boot. For them - free, for us £180!!! Nuf said!

US MRE pack heaters. Keep a few of those in your gear, and then you will always have a warm/hot meal even on hard routiene, or the move.
New zealand Army trousers - top quality ,DPM as well .
Poncho liner always handy great for in your Scimitar turret when in an op .
Dutch, British pattern DPM smocks. Goretex drop in liner, with a hood, and very cheap.

US Poncho liner, I have two and added velcro down the sides of one to turn it into a lightweight dos bag.

US Desert boots better than ours or the desert magnums.

American issue LED torches and proper US issue Marathon field watches (with the traser light) (thats if you dont get issued a G10) available online from

Norge Jumpers.

Kiwis do a large ALICE Pack in British DPM if you can find one.
norgy jumper!!!
american boot desert boots....the dogs bollocks
various other yanky kit....some of the kit they have..........if ur stationed in one of their camps.u can just stock up.they have masses of everyhting..........

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