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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by maninblack, Jul 4, 2005.

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  1. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Shiny boot questions are welcome as threads as long as the poster reads the Boot Bulling sticky thread first.

    When the thread dies down it will be archived in the above Boot Bulling Thread.

  2. have you got any experience using morello, i'm thinking of buying some.
  3. it is useful how ever it will crack then the toe cap will peel off and all polish will come too
    as for shine cool as for repair OOOOuch

    Kiwi and CPL is the way forwards
  4. If you know anyone in the RAF they use aoroplane nose cone paint. It has a brilliant deep shine, will never crack, is scuff resistent (within reason) and simply buffs up nicely. A few years ago I had my toecaps done for £40. There is one draw back, you need to associate with the RAF to get it done!
  5. Confine this to the appropriate thread gentlemen.
  6. a good shoe shining method is water, polish and cotton wool balls and its called the waterboy as you run ur toe cap under a runing tap, put a bit of polish on and shine the shoes with the cotton wool under the running water
    it will totally shine!
  7. Morello is good stuff but it ruins ur boots ur better bulling ur boots
  8. Spit and polish, more spit more polish.

    Oh yes and a strong wrist.............for polishing guys, for polishing.
  9. why not just pay someone else to do...i been doing that for 19 yrs....theres always someone who needs the cash at the end of the
  10. We've just started to bull our boots in training now, damn nuisance. One of my boots looks good and is definately on the right track, but the other all the polish fell off and you can see patches where polish has stuck, and patches where it's fallen off and left the leather grain visible.

    I think I've done something wrong... Would it be best to start the whole boot again, by scraping the polish off (what's the best thing to use?) or try and keep layering the polish on until it evens out? And if I started the messed up boots from fresh, would I have to redo the good one, or can it be left?
  11. Used to use small tin of black gloss enamel paint from woolworths in the old days! Trouble was that they looked so good that they stood out so everybody had to do it. Other problem was, on attending a cadre at another unit (3 of us), it was quite a palaver to have to remove it for the REAL bull - lots of smoke and flame whilst burning it back to the base!!!
  12. Don't scrape polish off ever - take a new duster which has been washed, buy a tin of brasso (this staybrite army is pants) and polish the naughty boot with brasso.

    The brasso will strip the polish off without any hassle and leave the boot ready to rebull - big circles (It is just like polishing a car - do you use little circles with one finger on a car????).

    OH - don't use Brasso on your effing car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  13. You can buy liquid patent leather there is a bloke in catterick that sells it i did my ammo boots 10 years ago, bloody good stuf!!!!!!! :D