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  1. Okay, who recalls the shiny beige bog roll found in all ORs ablutions in the 70s? It shared similar properties to tracing paper and whilst it was an acceptable substitute for cigarette papers, it tore your ring to shreds 8O and had a tendency to smeary the schmeary rather than wipe it away, but WTF was printed on every sheet? Was it Government Property?
  2. Yep, Government property, like the user.
  3. It used to float as well, on the up side it lasted for years and that's why it could be found in bogs from Leconfield to Liberia.
  4. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    ORs my arrse - Ruperts got it as well. The Universal Sh1t Spreader. Bloody awful stuff.
  5. Yup, remember it well. Pretty sure it was "Government Property". Also commonly found in hospitals those days, and the non-govt version in colleges. My nextdoor neighbours even bought Bronco to have in their home.
  6. Similar to the "Now wash your hands" slogan on school bog paper.

    Didn't stop the Toms pinching it for excercises though did it?
  7. Owing to shortage of paper,please use both sides.
  8. Made by a company called Izal,i do believe !
  9. When wrapped around a comb it made a fantastic imromptu musical instrument.

    I still use bum fodder (ZAL is still available) but I haven't needed a comb in a long time.
  10. Still available today, but god knows who buys it.

  11. That's the Badger!!!

    I use it when out in the cuds.
  12. :D
  13. Medicated?? It was fcukin polished!
  14. smooth one side rough as feck the other hence the name Rough and Smooth
  15. On the whole I find the new stuff superior!

    can you see what I,ve done here?