Shiny 7

Discussion in 'RLC' started by gallahad, Feb 28, 2007.

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  1. Whatever bacame of 7 Sqn RCT/RLC ,Shiny 7, that was part of 27 Reg?
  2. 7 Tpt Sqn is still part of 27 Regt & at the moment I believe they are in Cyprus.

    Edited by Edgey: Because of stupid laptop submitting post after only typing the number "7"
  3. They were in Cyprus, think they are back now, i believe they were covering for the Resident Infantry Battalion who were deployed to the middle east!
  4. They were also heavily involved with the "refugees" who were taken from Beruit in the summer. Cant remember name of the OP.
  6. Correct :judge:

  7. With regards to Cyprus 7 have been three times since last july. July to sep, nov to dec and about 10 days ago until today.

    With regards Op Eyebrow, they were stagging on in Dhekelia and had feck all to do with it while 8 fuel Sqn deployed to Akrotiri and put a few tents up and stagged on.
  8. Thanks ,that sounds like Shiny 7, always on the go. A great unit, even in Tidworth and Aldershot.
  9. When were they in Tidworth?
  10. Jellalabad Bks '74/ 75' and then straight across to Aldershot.
  11. Well you learn something new every day. I thought it was only 66 sqn who ever resided at Tidworth.
  12. so whats 8 sqn like now, was there 88-92
  13. 7 Sqn were in Tidworth from about 66 to 78
  14. they were crap, I sign off in 7 sqn, when they were part of 3 div 60, 7 and 1 sqn they were always the worst
  15. My second best posting at 7 in Tidworth