Shins! Should I defer furthering my application?

Okay, things have come on since my last threads, I went and did my BARB and came out with a very respectable score. I've got my interview with the Sgt in the next week or so, and all seems to be going well in that regard.

Almost everything. I'm now getting pain at the worst possible time to get it, and in the worst possible place - less than two weeks before my interview, and in the right (only the right!) lower leg in about three different places. It's not severe and it's not debilitating, and I've been having it on and off for a while, but it is, well, painful, and I'm worried that if I go and do selection/experience day etc at the earliest opportunity, my shin is going to start acting up and I'm going to get deferred or at worst, refused entry completely. It doesn't stop me running but does make it uncomfortable, and stings for an hour or so afterwards.

They've made it clear that "you only proceed when you're ready", but I really don't want to delay my application if there isn't a bloody good reason. I loathe my current job (not dislike, loathe. I ferking hate it!), and am extremely excited to be looking forward to the next stage of selection. But I'd rather delay it than fail it, and I'm really unsure what to do at this point :oops: .

EDIT - by the way, I went to a running shop and he fitted me out with some new shoes, saying that I was pronating a little on one of my legs. I don't remember much more of the specifics but according to the guy, my running is now sorted insofar as actually running "properly" is concerned.
Sounds like you might've pulled your tibialis anterior muscle - give it a few weeks rest and definately go see a physio ;)
I'd delay the application to be on the safe side. It's better than it being formerly delayed on Selection forcing you to either appeal or simply play the waiting game. Take a rest, and ask the ACIO for advice, saying you've been experiencing a bit of pain due to running. I'm guessing you run in some sort of wonky way so to speak, or unbalanced, the term "goofy" comes to mind ;) Keep at it, and take it easy for heavens sake! It happened to me once, I think it's also down to what surface you're running on (the density, hard Eg. Concrete. etc...)
Go see a massage therapist and or physio and defer. If you get there and it turns out that its going to get worse you will be waiting a hell of alot longer. I think you are having the same pain I had a few months back, it went away with some massage therapy and reduced training load.

Go to the doctors and have it looked at! it could be shin splints! easily rectified! if very bad a small operation to sort it out and then you can carry on with your application! didn't happen to me personnally but a friend of mine ihad the exact same problem! he's fine now!

another short term remedy is to get hold of some double strike sorbothane insoles for your trainers! this may help but sounds like you need to get it properly looked at!

Good luck
Had a similar problem, especially with the stinging. Probably a combination of pushing myself *too* hard, running on streets (hard ground takes its toll!) and crap shoes. Rested for a week, started running in a park and got new trainers and I was as good as new. :)

Best hold up your application 'till you've healed.
Good advice all round really, have seen some shins come back in a right state from selection and taken 12 months plus to get them right enough to carry on with a normal job never mind a second pop at it, the deferment is the quicker option if you're having problems
Eek! That's a minor bugger to say the least.
Will try running on grass and see how that is. Sometimes it's painful sometimes it's not, tis weird.

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