Shinners sulking again as they dont get their way...

Not suprising really.Mind you,Wee Marty's threatening to quit!

Sinn Fein's leadership is to discuss its next move later after intense negotiations with the DUP collapsed.

After talks between the parties on transferring justice powers from London to Belfast ended in acrimony, its ruling executive will meet in Dublin.

It is thought the British and Irish governments may have to intervene in talks on finishing what is seen as the last piece of the devolution jigsaw.

All-party talks involving the SDLP, UUP and Alliance have also been suggested.

Sinn Fein's ruling executive, or ard comhairle, is faced with three options at Saturday's meeting.

It could announce the resignation of Martin McGuinness as Northern Ireland's deputy first minister, set a deadline that he will withdraw by a specified date unless policing and justice is resolved, or call on the British and Irish governments to intervene.

Ahead of the meeting, party vice president Mary Lou McDonald said: "We have said all along that we are in this to make the St Andrew's Agreement come into effect to ensure the institutions work - that is the Sinn Fein position.

"But this needs to be dialogue with a purpose, there needs to be product at the end of it.

"So today our ard comhairle will consider in very great detail what has emerged and we will consider the further steps in this process."

'Process endangered'

On Friday, DUP leader Peter Robinson - first minister in Northern Ireland's power-sharing government - said he was surprised by Sinn Fein's announcement that they considered the talks to be over.

Brian Cowen and Gordon Brown could be called on to intervene

Mr Robinson said he felt some progress had been made, adding: "Anyone who steps away from the table at this stage endangers the whole process."

The issue of Orange Order parades has been a sticking point for the two parties.

Sinn Fein has resisted DUP efforts to replace the body which adjudicates on contentious marches, the Parades Commission, with an alternative along the lines of interim proposals produced by a group headed by Lord Ashdown.

In Gerry Adams' blog post where he said the "game was up, but not over", he said: "They want the scrapping of the Parades Commission and progress on the ground - in other words marches through Catholic areas."

Pact with Tories

As Sinn Fein meets in Dublin, delegates attending the cross-community Alliance Party's conference in Antrim will be addressed by its leader David Ford, the man tipped by some as a possible future justice minister at Stormont.

Lady Sylvia Hermon is a critic of the UUP/Conservative electoral pact

Also on Saturday, the Ulster Unionist Party's executive will hear a progress report from party leader Sir Reg Empey.

Activists will also be given details about last weekend's meeting in England involving the DUP and the Conservatives.

It is thought the agenda will also feature the forthcoming general election and the party's electoral link-up with the Tories.

Attention could be focused on Lady Hermon - the North Down MP - who is a critic of the Conservative pact.

She has stayed away from previous gatherings, and it is not known if she will attend Saturday's meeting.
The never ending story of the "Peace" Process. The government keeps giving SF what they want or they threaten to walk away and plunge the country back into violence. Exactly what they did when the ceasefire was ended last time, a nice loud clear message - " just keep giving or the bombs in London will be back"

As a Tory government alligned with the Unionists approaches we can expect SF to become more hard-line. Nothing we can't handle with a few Brigades, a range of SF and a well armed RUC though.
I can't help thinking the whole crowd of them in Stormont are useless.

The DUP is split on talking to SF, up to auxters in scandals and barely able to give an inch. Post Lisbon SF's all Ireland strategy is in tatters, it looks to have made ending Partition history and can't even deliver devolved policing which it needs to pacify the foot soldiers of the Chucky base. Despite the Stoat The Baw cover ups SF will be the largest party after the election but looks powerless. Now they are blubbing about the marching, a constructed issue that's had its day. This is all fine stuff for the dissidents. If I was a Papist in the PSNI I'd be getting nervous.

Herman is right about Empey's dodgy alliance with the New Tories, probably the last nail in the coffin of the UUP. Imagine aligning yourselves to a likely governing party with a mission to slash public spending when most of the 6C economy is funded by England's generous tax payers.

I hope this ends with the usual statesman like huge bribe from the English to make nice but have my doubts.

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