Shinners revert to type (no surprise)

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by SauceDoctor, Nov 29, 2011.

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  1. HHH

    HHH LE

    This quote is from the report on the UTV report

    The young girl he refused to present with her certificate is really to blame for being such a oppressive force against all republicans !
    He really has shown his true colours once again.
  2. I'll be attending the protest on Thursday at 17.30, in an effort to remove this scumbag wee bastard... And yes as Lord Mayor of Belfast, in a position were he is supposed to represent every citizen of Belfast.... why was he pictured in June surrounded by masked Republicans who were throwing everything including the kitchen sink at their Protestant neighbours?

    He is and always will be a scumbag wee bastard, but what do you expect considering his Father was jailed for murdering a bus driver in the 70's on the Cregagh Rd as a PIRA vol.
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  3. As I said in the other thread, he is just a ****. Pity I didn't go through with my idea to bayonet the **** on Somme day but I didn't fancy the jail time.
  4. Where to meet up BAP? No Wah, I am off on Thursday.
  5. Probably city hall, sandy row or Templemore ave, haven't got anything on Facebook yet which is strange for these protests.

    This is all live seen so far.

    From bakebook:


    The Management Committee of Exit are disgusted with last night’s blatant attack and act of discrimination against the PUL Community by our so called Lord Mayor Niall Ó Donnghaile by refusing to honour an Army Cadet at the duke of Edinburgh award ceremony. We are lead to believe that when giving out these awards when it came to the Cadet Mr Ó Donnghaile went off stage to make a phone call then returned to say that he would not be rewarding this kid with his achievement award. We find this as a blatant insult to not just this kid but the whole Community of N Ireland and he should be stripped of his title with immediate effect there must be Equality as Sinn Fein IRA continue to preach. We also believe that any right thinking Unionist Councillor should refuse point blank to work with a man who is a blatant Sectarian bigot. We intend to hold a protest in the City Centre and will be working with other organisations to make sure that Mr Ó Donnghaile and Sinn Fein IRA are held accountable for their actions. We will keep you informed when we have more information about the protest. Lest We Forget Niall Ó Donnghaile the Sectarian Bigot!!!!!
  6. Right, while I'm from Agnes St, and my Ma is from Sandy Row, and I moved to Carrickfergus when I was wee, I reckon a protest at City Hall would be most appropriate. SOZ I get a bit lost in Belfast. ( no piss taking please!)
  7. Fair one, Cityhall you can't miss it big white building :p
  8. If he objects to cadets what the hell was he doing presenting Duke of Edinburgh's Awards anyway? Even his double-standards have double standards...
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  9. This is Sinn Fein we are talking about, remember?
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  10. There's talk of it starting at 17.30 outside the cityhall, the protest would end to coincide with the council meeting starting at 18.30.
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  11. Thank you.
  12. typical NI behaviour frankly:(
    Considering its the "special" part of the UK rocking up in cadet uniform is probably not the brightest thing to do :(
    Although the Mayor was a twat for getting pissed off at this.
    A grown up would have grasped this could be an issue and dealt with it before hand but its NI compromise and tolerence is always going to sit on the shelf as its for storing not for issuing:(
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  13. Right. Is this going to happen, or am I gonna look like a tourist? I have spoken to PSNI and they are unaware of any assembly.

    Brighton Hippy: Fair one and a good point well made!
  14. Yes BH. I recall our SSM being asked to give us some background on Ireland. 1969.

    As soon as the officer was out of sight he said "Right there are basically two gangs. The bath once a week gang and the bath twice a fortnight gang. Then there is a police force who are the bath 52 times a year with an extra face rinse every leap year gang"

    The SSM had not long RTU'd after SAS service for some years. But when the officer returned and asked the SSM how the briefing went he started with the isles divided culturally between romanized and unromanized countries and worked through Anglo Saxons and Vikings and Normans and Magna Carta and famines in England under Henry 8th and stored up resentment in the areas who supported Cromwell and restitution of the monarchy and act of settlement and petition and bill of rights and 19th century famine in Ireland and England and Corn Laws and Inquest laws differentially applied and the constitutional monarchy.

    IIRC my mate whispered to me "Remind me never to play Bonehead at scrabble".

    The SSM completely baffled the officer then said "That should keep the c-nt busy up the library for a few days".
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