Shinners aint winners

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by alib, May 26, 2007.

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  1. fcuk the greens getting in, running round blowing things up because we havent recycled!
  2. It appears to be 4 seats in the end - down from 5 in the previous Dail :D

    Despite the fact that they claimed to be carrying out their "armed struggle" on be half of the Irish people they never actually consulted us on this at any point - which probably shows what they really think of the rest of us.

    Besides which their economic policies are so loony-left they only appeal to some naive leftie student types and to people who are too thick/illiterate to know what an economic policy is.

    (I'm a Fine Gael-er like Dr Garret Fitzgerald mentioned above btw)
  3. From Slugger:
    In the Six Counties the IRA having finally put the pike in the thatch was a big vote winner for SF. The fact the Northern Catholics were impatiently eager for peace, they'd suffered more than enough. Even the arrival of Big Ian as supreme leader has gone down like a smooth pint of stout.

    I suspect the reverse is true with a part of their base down South. Reading the Irish press it seems SF are stronger in the rural areas than urban, they lose out to labour in the cities. A watery eyed nationalist constituency really. A fair slice of these folk will be lovers of the Long Rifles who never saw a car bombing and are still clinging to the romance of the ra.

    Oddly SF are far more likely to successfully collaborate with the DUP than any of the Southern parties. The DUP is another fiercly anti-EU party, now completly commited to devolution of power to Stormont and is prone to policies most Freestaters would regard as disturbingly Socialist. The DUP are the 4th largest party in their national parliment of choice rather than the fifth... ho, ho, ho.
  4. Its a great day for those of us who long realised that Sinn Fein

    are nothing better than a criminal gang.

    The only pity is that there is still a very tiny percentage of people here who

    still support them.

    As a very very small party in Dail Eireann, they now on there own get

    very little access to the media.

    when they were the spokesmen for the ira- they had a huge amount and

    thus a huge public profile,
  5. Those tree hugging, sandal wearing, beardy types better start checking under their cars!

    Stereotypes are for Winners!
  6. Henry McDonald in The Observer:
    It wasn't so long ago that senior DUP folk only crossed the border to riot.
  7. Right, so that's everyone in Offaly, Laois, Cork, Roscommon, Leitrim, Clare and South Tipp.

    Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers! :D ;)
  8. If we are calling the roll of idiocy in Ireland please don't forget Longford and West Meath!
  9. Oi!!!!

    Leave Westmeath out of it......
  11. Mick Fealty, a bit of a Chuckie himself, on Slugger is getting savage now:
    The Alliance Party is avowedly and genuinely non-sectarian and so is doomed to wander lonely at the margins Ulsters tribal politics.

    He's spot on about SF's alien intrusion into southern politics. The old Belfast bomb throwers are as about as welcome in the sleek south as the 82nd Airborne in Fallujah judging by the reactions I get taking to young Freestaters about them.
  12. They are also avowedly and genuinely so upper-middle class that the majority of their members/supporters are unable to understand why the 'Irish Problem' cannot be resolved over wine and nibbles at Cressida's place....
  13. Big Mad Eejit - weren't the Fine Gaelers originally facist Brown Shirts?
  14. Agreed. My mothers membership of the Alliance party was always a source of great mirth in our family.

    I always suspected she used my proxy vote to vote for them despite my strict instructions not to.