Shin splints!

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by millionwords, Jul 13, 2007.

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  1. I have like a bit of a cretin, been beasting myself running a bit lately....bit silly really...but I want to get my fitness back to where it was before I became a lardarse.... Anyway, I've got shin any advice on something aerobic I can do whilst letting them recover...which isn't swimming would be greatly appreciated

    (edit) Incidentally the class 3 course I was going on (today), was CANCELLED leaving me with 9 days off work (because my shifts have been promised elsewhere), no pay, and having to get a further 9 days off in august...which by the looks of it I'm not going to get.

    Any advice?

    Thanks muchly
  2. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    rowing machine or buy a bike?
  3. Cycling. Did the trick for me. All that hot pedal action really strengthens the dorsi- and plantar-flexors in your ankle, which is a major contributory factor to getting splints. About 5 miles a day, twice a day, in place of your normal running routine. Do that for a few weeks to allow your shins to recover, drink plenty of milk, and when your not cycling, wear a good length of tubigrip, covering the entire length of the shin. I havent been running yet, but it no longer hurts like hell to run up the stairs, so I am assuming it works.
  4. plenty of ice and i'm afraid rest , cycling will keep your fitness levels up without the impact damage of running, once the pain subsides run on grass rather than hard surfaces to give the muscles a chance
  5. I'd not heard 36 Sigs Regts course had been cancelled. Powers that be are pushing the August course, at the expense of the November one (run by 38)
  6. I don't know if its actually canceled, but thats what we've (46) been told. It happened with a course in January too, they SAID it had been canceled, but it hadn't they just wanted fewer numbers, so I didn't get to go on that, one even though it ran anyway. Leaving me out of pocket and without the training I need.

    Its seriously pissing me off now, I'm booking time off work, which I can't get back, courses get canceled/moved allegedly and then I can't get time off work later in the year to do them....all the while I'm skint because I'm not working.

    There's not a lot of chance I can get the time off in August to do it, meanwhile I'll be sat on my ass for the next 9 days earning nothing because I can't go into work either.

    Thanks all for the shin splints advice! :)
  7. Check out the health and fitness forum, there are about a million threads on shin splints on there, most of wich have some good advice on them
  8. having not cleared up yet...still hurting to walk

    Good idea to go on the Mil Skills weekend on friday?

    Won't they just think I'm trying to get out of it? Doctor was as good as useless, just said...just carry on running etc etc,...:S