Shin Splints

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Mennox, Apr 24, 2007.

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  1. Ive just been out for some sprints (from army training programme) about 30mins ago, now my left shin is aching a bit and maybe it could be shin splits...ive put ice on it for 10mins but it is still slightly sore.

    My question is, i have my medical tonight for the TA, would this be picked up during medical and if so, would it affect me passing the medical?

  2. They are fcuking buggers, youll be fine in a few days are weeks but it depends on how well you can cope with pain if you want to pass the medical and you might be able to blag the medical.

    Did you pass the Medical??

    Hope you ok

    smile x
  3. Heya smiler, thanx for the reply :)

    Yes i did pass my medical thank god (although the last 4 people failed it before me and i was worrying abit hehe)

    Went for a 2.4km run this morning and shins started to hurt again after i had finished, but i can go through the pain as i need to get my time down quicker within 2 weeks as i have my fitness test.

    Will pushing through pain damage my shins in long run or will they get used to the running an eventually ease?
  4. What sort of things did they fail on?
  5. You need to differentiate the difference between painful shins after exercise and shin splints.

    If there is pain after exercise that fades and goes with time or treatment then it is likely to be the muscle covering on the shin that has problems. That should clear up with training and rest as most muscles do.

    If the problem continues after rest and is painful to pressure then you could have true shin splints, ie fractures forming in the shin. these are far more serious and will require a medical professional's opinion.

    If it is just pain,push though and then rest them, if it is shin splints don't mess around as you will need your legs later in life.

  6. Cheers mate, sounds like they are just the muscle covering that has the pain, i put some ice on it this morning, and i have walked around all day without no pain.

    Also Ex-STAB, not sure what they failed on, but didnt want to ask.

    Have you had your medical yet?

    Mine consisted of:-

    Blood Pressure reading (medic done it 3 times as the first 2 were abit higher then average, 3rd was fine)
    Eye Test (cover eye, read lowest line on each eye)
    Pi55 test on a stick
    Hearing test
    Blow tube (tests your lunge capacity)
    Height & Weight Measurements
    Chest Measurements (after breathing in and out)

    That was done by medic....i then saw the doctor which done:-

    Quick Eye, Eyes and Mouth check
    Stephi scope (sp?)
    Cough Cough (doctor doesnt check by cupping balls)
    then asks you to do a few joint movements and thats it
  7. Mennox,

    Make sure you have the right trainers. Having trainers that are too soft and supple for your running style (pronation) can give you pains in the knees and shins.

    Go to a good running shop (rather than the crappy sports-soccer things) and try on a range of different stiffness shoes. You will be able to tell instantly as you try them in the shop (no good running shop will let you buy without jogging in them first).
  8. Cheers Augustus

    I have got a £100 pair of trainers (adidas Ghost Riders) but they prolly no good, might have to get a new pair then
  9. Adidas Ghost Riders are not running shoes. They are Kev wellies....

    If you go to a PROPER running shop, and they deem you to be an over-pronator, and therefore liable to shin splints, you'll probably end up buying shoes like Brooks Beast, Nike Air Caesium or another 'motion control' shoe from a reputable manufacturer.


    From bitter personal experience of shin splints and other associated injuried, you'd be wise to read up on how to prevent these injuries on - sort it out early.
  10. will do mate

    cheers for the advice!
  11. Mennox ive sent you an email so i hope it helps you
  12. Thank you smiler, your a star!
  13. Any time mate.

    hugs x
  14. Stethescope

    With these joint movements, how exactly are they done? Particularly the knee one?

    My right knee got injured in a rugby accident when I was 13/14ish and now it sometimes cracks/grinds a bit, although there's never any pain or failure.

    Shite scared that if he feels it crack or grind or something I'll get turned down, even though it never gives me any real trouble.
  15. all i did was squat then back up (my knee actually cracked at the time haha but was fine) he didnt do any physical contact on the knee or any other joints, just told me to lift arms ups, then behind my head, then to my love handles :)
    then just squat

    hope that helps