Shin splints

Are we the only ones to have heard of/suffered from this???????????

All my civvie oppo's have never heard of it 8O
Personally I believe them to be a myth. The muscles covering the front of your shin will hurt like hell if you lace your boot tops too tight and then try to tab with weight, too far, too frequently. Wear your kit correctly and increase the distance, weight and speed gradually and 'shin splints' wont happen.
No, shin splints are not a myth, but the term covers a broad range of lower leg injuries. Whilst lacing boots tightly and overtraining are provoking factors, one of the major causes of things like Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome is biomechanical problems.

Any civvie who has trained for a serious running race, or is a member of a running club, is almost certain to have heard about shin splints, if not experienced them.
Personally, I've done the lot :? The feeling that your shin muscles are ripping awy from your leg, is a pain (sorry)

at the end of the day, a persons' lower leg is not designed to take the sh*t a squaddies' does
Am not a medic but was told that it was the nerve endings inflamed by hairline stress fractures. In my day it was Low Leg Boots at RMAS none of the issue trainers and high leg boots and sympathy. Even now if I step out and walk briskly in shoes if I am in a rush I still get the same pain.
Once you've got shin splints, they never really heal completely. If you've gotten to the point where shin splints have become stress fractures, you are really screwed.
I suffer with shin splints. I was first told this about a year after I left the army. I used to get a bit of gip from them during my time in the army but just put it down to aches & pains we all suffer from when lugging a back full of kit over long distances. It was,nt till I had a weeks work as a hod carrier up & down ladders with a hod full of bricks for 8hrs a day that I actually went to see a doc about it. As soon as he saw my army time on my records he said straight away " you,ve got shin splints". Theres not an awfull lot you can do about them bar dont carry anything over long distances. Its a shame because me & my dad enjoy hiking & its always him who has to slow down for me !!!! Still managed the coast to coast a couple of years back though !!.

Regards LT.
I suffer quite bad and if I walk with sufficient pace with even a middle/low weight then the pain comes along, when I was a young kid I'd get it even from just walking a 'long way'. Believe me this takes CFT's to a whole new level of fun on top of the rest of the effort required. Crack on with it, but be aware of how much you can take and rest well after such exercise. I've still got aches (much duller now) from a good tab at the weekend - also got some very mad spasming in calf muscles at about 3miles in, only lasted a few hundred meters but was a bit disconcerting at the time, lactic acid??.

Looser boots and sorbothanes can make a big difference.
Must be real as Rob Jones ex Liverpool player had to retire from football due to them and i can't see an insurance company paying out on something without medical proof.Although that does not stop me calling old mates who were always complaining of them 'bloody pussy's' :lol: .
I had a mate at uni who had them and she got them from ballet......

Something you lot need to 'fess up to?? :lol: :wink:
ExPadBrat said:
I had a mate at uni who had them and she got them from ballet......

Something you lot need to 'fess up to?? :lol: :wink:
:oops: Yeah, it all started after doing Swan Lake in DMS boots :?
I've had major problems with them (on both shins).
First of all had to see physio and they thought it was biomechanics saying that it looked like a muscle in my lower leg hadn't developed like the rest.Then I was supposed to be flat footed so they made me walk like Mr Soft then they said do some runs if feel abit of pain try and go through it.
Then couple of weeks of that went to see a Sports Science Dr who made me bounce around the ward in my boxers then finally got an X-Ray and found I had fractures on both shins more than 1 fracture on each leg. :D Thank You!
Which ended any chance of staying in the Army.
Shin Splints,Re-occuring stress fractures are a pain in the a*se.
Sometimes can do 3miles before they kick in and sometimes can walk 1/2 amile and they start again.
Am plagued with them, but have found orthotic insoles in my boots or trainers work very effectively.
I've just bought a new pair of shoes, and the lad spent ages looking at my foot and gait, and asked about any muscle pain or stiffness. Apprently the term is a catch-all for several types of pain in the front of the lower leg.

He made sure I ended up with a pair that will reduce my tendancy towards over-pronation, which will, apparently, is what has been my problem. :)oops: )

I look forward(!!) to my run tomorrow to find out if the salesman is correct.


Anterior compartment syndrome diagnosed in NI in 87. I left a year later without a downgrade due to well planned phys by the PTI's and a good MO. The previous one had just given me extra pt which was what was causing the problem in the first place! Numpty!

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