Shin Splints

Ive recently been diagnosed with having them. How long do they take to go and whats the best time to start trainging again?

Am i compltly screwed now for ever or will they mend?

I know i need to get some new Running shoes. Anyone else had them and got over them?

Thanks :)
Shinsplits are one of the roughest things I can think of and the only way to get rid of shin splits it just takes time. The only way, there is no magic cure, you can condition your shins when they get better. It is a Mauy Thai trick which you take a running rolling pin and run it down your shins that your hit your shins with a wooden spoon. I know it sounds primitive but that is the way to do it. Stay of the concrete, run trails and grass.
Another reason that shin splints may be coming on is your runners really do not suit your needs, try insolses (by new balance are they ones I use)
Get your self a proper pair of runners that fit your life body structure.
Try that can help a little. I know it hurts I had a real bad case in 2002, but through continous training they go away.

Cheers 2CB
Shin Splints are the bain of my life.

Bloody painful and not a 'real' injury in the eyes of some.
Yep suffered like a bastard with them for 10 years, first time I had them I was rushed back by umsypathtic wan*ers and fired straight on a BFT and fcuked again for nearly 2 years, no rehab or fcuk all.

As previously posted, rest and rest, see your PT staff if they are any good they give you a programme and break you back in gently. That worked for me.

By the way if you badged a medic your fcuked as they never take there own advice. I should know I was one, and it took being posted to the posties to get sorted out.!!!
Apologies for the spelling in my last post just finishing a 12hr night shift.
I suffered quite badly from these about a year after recovering from a serious leg fracture. While I was training after the break, I felt niggles coming on but the pain hit worst 20 min into a football match and I had to leave the pitch on my hands and knees - obviously getting wads of sympathy from the spectators.

The physio I saw was brilliant. She sorted my legs out and so far I've never had them back. I had to wear insoles for a few years and do some extra stretches to make sure they don't return.

The best advice though has been posted already - take your time, get the rest as ordered and train slowly. Thye only other option is the op and that doesn't sound like fun.

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