Shin splints

Has anybody completed the prac and suffered shin splints before. Iv had them and they have now healed but my afco said I won't manage the prac. Do I have a chance of passing even tho I have had them previously???
depends mate can you confidently run over 5 miles on them at a fast pace without them giving you any grief? PRAC is fairly hard, but not as bad as a lot of people make it out to be, I completed it in December. If you feel confident to do it you'll probably be fine just remember you can't take it easy on PRAC everything has to be %100 effort. When your there and if they do start to hurt as long as it's bearable fight thought the pain otherwise you'll have to sit out and fail the course.
Your body will do anything your mind tells it too. I went through recruit training with the sodding things. Passed out with a green lid so all's good. I hope there's no recurrence of them for you, good luck.
Hi mate I got shin splints on P company and just went away and trained lightly for a year. Came back after a beat up and passed so yeah your body will do anything and more you truly want it to.


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My recruits proved that they were highly contagious because when one got them....

I'd choose quarantine if I were you.
good to hear it
i think that i got them by just over working for 2 weeks
im hoping that as iv rested up for a month and new running trainers i wont have a problem
Shin splints is basically your body trying to pump more blood to your muscles than they can take due to an elastic coating round them. Nothing to do with your shin bone like a lot of people think. As you get fitter and your body becomes more efficient in its o2 saturation they will fade away.
no thats compartment syndrome
well thats what my doctor told me
he said that the shin splints i have are where the muscle has lots of micro tears because i over worked them on worn out trainers
back in training now and im able to run 5 miles
tested myself for the first time and got 27 minutes on the 3.5 mile run but only managed to get 10.50 on the 1.5 after
anybody have any advice on how to get this time down quickly
at the moment i am running 3-4 times a week some short runs and some fast runs trying to prepare for prac
is there a chance that i will be fit enough in 2 months??
Hi mate, well done on getting through the shin splints, it can be painful. Try taking ibuprofen everyday, it will keep them down, it worked for me. Also, you don't want to overdo it, so I have in the past stuck with three to four runs a week, then swimming a mile three days a week in the local pool, crawl only, so one day a swim, one day a run, then a day off, also if you are a member of a gym, go on the leg press on the swim day, build up leg muscles without stressing the muscles, and maybe cycling and rowing, and light weights to get the heart moving, but don't bulk up, try kettle bells, very good for stamina, and won't bulk you up, hope you get on ok, all the best
hardcore92 said:
at the moment i am running 3-4 times a week some short runs and some fast runs trying to prepare for prac
is there a chance that i will be fit enough in 2 months??
You can be ready for PRAC in a matter of weeks if you keep training. Like said it's not that hard. Keep smashing out 5 milers and you'll be fine with it. Aim to be able to do 5 miles in say 30-32 minutes and you'll be alright at PRAC.

Your shins won't take too big a beating because the ground is natural rock (not that concrete crap) and your in trainers for the 5 miler, not boots. When I did it my laces came completely undone, and my hands were too numb to tie them up when we stopped before the 1.5 miles, and my legs were fine.
hardcore92 said:
now got 5 miles down to 36 minutes, hopefully wont take much more time to get this time down
Good effort, make sure to get some fairly steep hills into your training as well.
hardcore92 said:
yeah i do hill reps once a week and also a sprint session
how quickly did u manage to get ur time down to sub 32 mins?
Can't really say to be honest, I suppose I had a bit of an injury in my lower legs, when I got running again I did a few 3 milers and such and built back up to 5 milers, then after about a week and a half of 5 milers I could run them at a nice pace. I run 3 days on, rest, 2 days on, rest, then repeat.

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