Shin Splints?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by FlashmanTA, May 22, 2009.

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  1. I've been practicing my beep test and have suddenly hit a ceiling with it and just can't seem to break through it. Breathing is ok, bit hot and bothered but no dramas but my legs are in agony. I think I might have got shin splints as have a painful sensation up both shins - the sort of feeling you get when you twist and ankle, but in my shins.

    Can anyone suggest a way of getting through it? Even sitting down, about 20 mins after stopping and they're still v painful.
  2. Ice it, ibrupfen it and rest it.

    Stretch all your major leg muscles. Hamstrings, gluts, calves,quads

    Work on strengthening your calfs with calf raises etc.

    Look up some shin stretches. Theres one where you kneel like your praying to allah.

    But most importantly don't think your rambo and you can run through it. They get stronger when they heal.
  3. Thanks jk22.

    How long do they take to heal? I'm hitting 7 on the beep test with them in this shape and want to be at 10.2 by beginning of June. I know that's going a bit but if there is any way to do it, I want to be able to.
  4. What trainers you got? They decent? or plimsoll shite?

    They take about 2 weeks to heal. Shin Splints is a general term for pain in your lower leg on the outside. Running on road etc fucks your legs up, but does actually make them stronger (bones etc)

    At level 7 you sound like your starting out running. I got it when i started out. Just let it heal and try again.
  5. Yep am fairly new to it; reasonably fit generally, but it's only in recent months that I've been doing any proper running. As to footwear; I'm wearing the silver things the Army hand out.

    Just downed a couple of Ibruprofen and rubbed on some Ibruprofen gel which has helped a lot.

    If it takes two weeks, am I ok to carry on training; I need to be hitting 10.2 for AOSB in just over 2 weeks?!
  6. Hitting a ceiling is incredible, well done but I feel trying to break through it is where your problem lies..... :roll:

    All suggestions so far are A1, also how about gentle walking?
  7. Level 7 on the bleep test?! You don't even have to start running until about level 8. You might want to put some air into your wheelchair tyres.
  8. Are you pregnant?
  9. My Doctor lent me a book a few years back on sports injuries. It said shin splints are due to your calf mucles twisting as you run and flaking bits of bone off the front where the muscle attaches to the shin. The book said to put a piece of tape around your calves to stop the twisting. May be worh trying even if it looks daft.
  10. How many years ago was this ? I was told that shin splints (an inflammation of tendons and muscles of the shin) is typically brought on by the impact forces of exercise.

    The shinbone (or tibia) is covered by the periosteum, a band of soft tissue that has both nerve tissue and a blood supply. Just above the ankle and below the knee, tendons help attach muscles to the periosteum. When the shin is over-stressed, problems can develop in the periosteum, the tendons, the muscle, on the shinbone or in the four muscle compartments of the lower leg, which are covered with a wall of connective tissue (called the fascia). If recurrent, this latter condition is called chronic compartment syndrome
  11. And you say you are reasonably fit? Level 7 - tell me this is not a WAH! I'm not the fittest guy in the world but you are less than reasonably fit if you can only make level 7

    This is a load of tosh, what did he have his doctorate in? DIY?

    Polar69 has hit the nail on the head. The main cause is inflamation of the periosteum. Only thing to do is ice and rest for at LEAST 2 weeks. Try not to do too much too early as this is one of the main causes.

    See previous posts.
  12. FFS get to see your GP.

    The "advice" here could be given by an 11 year old, for all you know.
  13. 12 years in the infantry,come out fit as a fidlle (well medically anyway).
    Started to get shin splints a few years ago whilst running. Ignored all advice,threw bucket loads of brufen down my neck and kept running,after all the pain does slightly deminish once the endorphins kick in. However,the pain always kicked in a few hours later,even the wife brushing my shins in bed was agonising.

    To cut a long story short,I ended up in re-hab,I have to attend biomechanics four times a year,I wear specialy made in-soles and worst of all I cant run ever again.

  14. You shouldn't be getting shin spilts during a bleep test...... Have you been over training on hard surfaces? Make sure you don't have a stress fracture!
  15. I suffered pain in my shins while training for a marathon a few years back.

    My trainer/coach showed me a different way if lacing my trainers. Basicly taking the pressure of the top of the foot.

    This cured me almost over night.

    Try putting the last lace through a lace hole closer to the end of the foot(toe end), so that it does not tie so close to the ankle.

    I may not have shin splints but it cured my lower leg pain.