shin splints just cant shake them off

passed selection a couple of months ago. since ive been getting shin splints. changed trainers, got some insoles. a friend of the family is a poditrist and says i just need some other insoles but the problem wont settle down for about 6-8wks. i'm due at harrogate on sept 7th. got my attestation next week. i'm worried about going in and then being defered because of them.

how long is a shin splint deferal. and is it posible to get my enrollment changed to january.
Already a topic see Shin splints and silver shadows. Type that into the search function.
hi thanks for that. i've read just about every thread but none of them say about what happens once your in basic. would they kick you out. or defer you or help you. or would i be better trying to put my joining off til jan. i dont want to screw this up. the army is the only thing i want to do.

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