Shin Splints and Silver Shadows?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by monkey_wench, Aug 7, 2008.

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  1. ...try saying that quickly over a few pints ! (Julian clary eat you're heart out)....

    Off to Basic in 2 weeks, however I know I am not allowed to wear my own trainer's for PT I believe ...and do you still get issued with "Silver shadows"?

    My question is this...why are you not allowed to wear running shoes designed for your own running technique/foot strike? Some may say it's not to give you an advantage to those who are not so well-off to buy fancy footwear...but if it is benefiting the individaul who has them and possibly preventing an injury..then why the bloody hell not? (as long as they don't mind kicking the s*it out of them possibly!).

    I just read this article about shin splints and and that's what bought me to the above question:

    Tibial stress syndrome (Shin Splints)

    What are the symptoms of tibial stress syndrome?
    The symptoms of this condition usually start gradually as a nagging ache but can develop into sharp pains usually over the lower tibia.

    What are the causes of tibial stress syndrome?
    Shin splints are usually caused by the muscles medial to the tibia being overloaded repetitively. This usually happens during running, perhaps due to inappropriate shoes, poor progression of exercise or biomechanical problems.

    Who does this injury affect?
    Usually this affects people with biomechanical problems like over-pronation or over-supination.

    I over-pronate, so wearing the shadows could possibly lead to shin splints?

    Surely prevention is better than cure?

    Do you think things will ever change in basic with regards to what foot wear you are allowed to wear for PT? (as long as they are proper running shoes...not JJB chav crap!)??

    Answers on a postcard... :D
  2. You can wear trainers developed by the army eventually but in basic everybody is the same = UNIFORM.

    Health and safety issues.

    There are better running shoes but it has a lot do with the surface you run on. We ran in boots or pavement slapping plimsols many years ago. This didn't help.

    But if you're lucky (unlucky) like me and have calves that respond easily to exercise which is rare then that too will bring on shin splints.

    I never had a problem until after I'd left the army (the first time around) and it was agony but i was doing daily runs on tarmac - so my own fault.

    I also tend to walk on the outside edges of my feet - bandy legged git.

    I took up cycling to stop the impact problems too - hey presto - cured.

    In your own training vary the surface you run on.

    Hope this helps.
  3. You make good points. Welcome to the British Army.

    Sorry MonkeyWench, learn to enjoy pain.
  4. Just wearing a trainer with a good arch support is all you need. It will support your arch or ILA (inner longitudinal arch) as long as it has a good cushion material i.e. spongey then your all right.
  5. You will have to wear silver shadows while you are in basic training and also some phase two establishments, however there shouldn't be a problem with you adding your own insoles to the trainers. You will still be 'uniform' with the rest of your squad but will have the additional support that you require.
  6. How did we ever manage with just the black plimsols?
  7. your lucky you can wear the silver shadows.
    I had to wear the stupid bloody plimsols which certainly comtributed to the stress fractures and shin splints I got.
  8. Rather than spend the money on decent trainers, would you be able to spend it (plus a wedge more, I should think) on some carbon orthotic insoles? These will fit into any/all trainers and shoes so you should be able to get the support you need and still wear the Silver Shadows... Anyone with any exeperience of this? I ask because I anticipate exactly the same problem and this is the only solution I can think of.
  9. my biggest complaint is they are so ugly and don't match anything else I own.
  10. Just buy some arch inserts and Roberts your mum's brother. Or as previously stated a good pair of insoles
  11. IIRC they went really well with my grey stay press trousers (and grey cords), white open encked shirt, flashy medallion and my grey jacket with the rolled up sleeves and narrow turned up collar in the 80's.

    Looking back now I just groan in embarrassment. Thank God there are no photos.
  12. take them with you, and if you start to have a hint of a problem, pop along to the med centre and explain you have had previous analysis and been told such and such. almost certainly they will give you a chit for pt. the army is unlikely to a) pay for a solution when u provide one for free, b) tell you to soldier on regardless because of the current 'blame theres a claim' army.
  13. I had problems with my feet in training, not shin splints but stress fractures. At Catterick whilst in my second stay in the Rehab Coy i was given orthotic insoles by the physio department.

    You probably wont be allowed to wear your own trainers but, if you get injured the army will sort you out if they can.
  14. ...looks like insoles are the way forward. Cheers guys.
  15. and I repeat, "they are so ugly and don't match anything else I own". I had one of those moments the other day at the TAC when I looked around and thought to myself "I really don't like the colour green".