Shin splints and compo

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by Rtr, Oct 10, 2011.

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  1. Rtr

    Rtr Swinger

    After many years I have developed some pretty savage shin splints. They are getting worse by the day and I'm not sure how much longer i can put up with it.
    I have seen a private physio as I have been strongly adviced not to go to my unit mo incase I become an easy target to get chopped from the army in this massive cull that seems to be happening.

    If I do see the mo, what is the likely outcome and if it did come down to being booted, am i able to at least get a nice bit of compensation for it?
  2. I'd keep quiet about it lest the Army demand compo from you...

  3. I am no physio and I may be corrected...

    You state:

    After many years...

    My understanding is that shin splints affect the young. I was misdiagnosed with shin splints which turned out to be fashiaitus (spelling). IE the fashia (the bag which holds the muscle) in my shins was too tight and prevents blood flow causing cramp like pain. This caused agony on CFTs and thus a gait like a thunderbird. It was worse uphill and eased by jogging. It can be confirmed by pain in the shin on tilting the feet up toward the knee.

    Is that familiar?


    Google ' fasciitis'
  4. Rtr

    Rtr Swinger

    That dose sound familiar. It's also the massive lumps running down my shins and a pain that can be initiated by as little as a slow walk to work (200m)

    I say many years, I mean 6 but has felt like a lifetime. I'm 24
  5. man up wet pants, go to the med centre and get it sorted. I can't be bothered explaining why.
  6. Rtr

    Rtr Swinger

    Thanks for the really helpful imput there. You shone a real bright light on that issue for me! Now bore off. Least snakey helped
  7. RAMC

    Steadfast in Obesity!

    If you are genuine PM me and we can chat. If not, join the army of the weak and transfer to 1 civ div like a good chap.
  8. shush now little one, I've given you advice, however as I'm not at work I feel that I have no reason to (once a-*******-gain) go into a massive and long explanation as to why you should go and get it sorted out through the proper channels and why you should do this sooner rather than later. now off you hobble and take your money grabbing ways with you.
    Next dribbler please.
  9. I had shin-splints and I got compo.

    It was mostly cheese possessed and biscuits brown, which didn't help at all.
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