Shin splints and basic.

Hi, I’m due to start basic in a couple of weeks. Obviously I have been doing a fair amount of running to try to improve my fitness. I have recently being getting a pain at the bottom of my left leg. I think it is shin splints.
Do I stop running and allow my leg to 'heal' but then possible lose some of the fitness?
Also shall I tell the NCO's at basic or ignore it?

Cheers Barry
Stop running for now: either go to your doc, or (probably better given your situation/timeline) to a physio, and ask for advice. I wouldn't mention it to the Army until you know more about what's going on. If caught early enough, and managed properly, lower leg pain (whether shin splints or something else) can normally be solved quickly and easily. If you try to push through it, you may do serious long term injury to yourself. If you haven't done much running before, a podiatrist/physio could confirm or deny any postural issues -it might be as simple as fitting wedges in your running shoes/getting different shoes. In the interim, rest and ice will certainly not do any more damage...
yes, i agree with nibbler. personally i started to get them before basic so i stopped running for a week and then got back into it slowly and they were fine.

think about how you are running and how it is impacting your legs though, i used to get shin splints and compartment syndrome and a simple change in "style" fixed it no problem.

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