shifting shit


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any one know how to get rid of ISearch
and iml server ie plugin both are irritating bags of unwanted crap


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thanks jaybee spy bot worked well found 37 probs.
but still getting odd popups from netguard saying it could`nt delete them
Desmond are you using windows XP is so the files you are trying to delete may be sat in your systems restore, to delete them you will have to turn off systems restore then back on again in order to delete them.

Did you check for updates on spybot too?
Surely this belongs in another forum. I was expecting something to do with relocating excrement, and was sorely disappointed.


You need to download and use Adaware SE in conjuction with Spybot. They both get updated at different times so between the two of them, should find everything.


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You follow the local hunt with a wheelbarrow and a big shovel, load up the barrow with 2 cwt of horse-shite and then tip it on top of your PC.

It may not cure the problem but you won't go near your PC to find out!

Any that's left over you can use to make a nice juicy sandwich.


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American to Englishman: Back home we put manure on our rhubarb.
Englishman replies: Is that so? We prefer custard.

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