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I am a shift worker in a Joint Service Police Unit. Up until now, in a regular Pro Coy, my leave has been pretty normal (Mon-Fri deducted from leave entitlement, weekends left alone etc). This new unit, has a leave policy that baffles me. I have tried to comprehend the JSP that outlines the leave entitlements, but to no avail.

Basically after I take 2 weeks leave, I FP on a rest day in my shift cycle. I have been told by the unit CoC that I have to extend my leave days to encompass these rest days (thus losing a further 3 days off my flick) or come back to work early in order to "earn" thse rest days. Working these rest days are also not an option, as that would have me in work 12 days straight. Something I am willing, but not allowed to do.

If I was employed in a nine to five post, and I my FP fell on a weekend, I would not be made to work the weekend...

My question is this, (hopefully the above has painted a picture) Do I have to "earn" these days off by working, and do the unit have the right to make me submit extra leave to compensate for the "unearned" rest days?

I appreciate there are bigger things going on in the world right now, Afghan, terrorism, Jade Goody's impending doom etc, but a little advice on the matter would be greatly appreciated.



I guess you are in a sunshine posting? What is your problem? Ask for a post to Germany, then you will be ok. Sorted.


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wolverine9314 said:
ALSO POSTED IN RHQ, so I can call on the vast wealth of ARRSE knowledge...

Don't over do it fella, same wallers hang out in both forums, you're just going to look like a whinger now.

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