Shia ringtone sparks scuffle in Iraqi parliament

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Rumrunner, May 10, 2006.

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  1. Shia ringtone sparks scuffle in Iraqi parliament

    By Sam Knight and agencies

    The fragile state of the sectarian divide in Iraqi politics was exposed today when a fight broke out in parliament after a mobile phone ringtone played a Shia Muslim chant.,,7374-2174046,00.html

    It could have been worse, just think what would have happened if it was “The Crazy Frog”? :wink:
  2. Very mature. So if a ringtone can kick it off in Parliament , what hope the rest of Iraq.
  3. Well, politicians aren't really a great indicator of people. That is quite disturbing though.
  4. What to say
    Well I blame our cousins for not wipping out the Shia cleric Moqtada al-Sadr when they had the chance.
    This man will one day be the Ruler of Iraq, his thugs are just to well organized and ruthless.
    They failled to take him out as a minnow not they have a Great White Shark to fight barehand.
  5. I know what you mean by that, and to a point I agree. However, the Mehdi militia is not as ruthless as some of the other groups running around. They aren't known to detonate explosives in tightly crowded markets, or deliberately attack coalition troops when they know children are nearby. At least, not that I've heard of. However, al-Sadr is a huge problem, and his as his Militia gets larger, it seems to be getting progressively more brutal.

    However, simply pointing the finger isn't going to fix anything. Just look at what it's doing for the Iraqi Parliament.
  6. ",,7374-2174643,00.html"

    Just found the above.
    These 'Gangster' gangs will dominate because, they have been allowed to to grow too large and Niether the US or UK wants a big fight that will spoil the withdraw of troops, which must happen for Internal Home cuntry reasons.
    Bush will lose Congress and Blair is a busted Flush.
  7. Shia stupidity
  8. I blame the Sunni weather we're having at the moment. etc.....
  9. Load of shi'ite...
  10. How about a list of appropriate ringtones for our own politicians. I'll start with

    Tony Blair's phone - "Gordon is a Moron" by Jilted John
    Gordon Brown's - "Shuddup Your Face" by Joe Dolce

    Everyone else - "Nice 'n Sleazy" by the Stranglers
  11. Young gifted and black?

    They can lie can't they?
  12. The only activity a ringtone would cause in our parliament is to wake some of the sleepy bast%rds up!!!!
  13. It depends on which ring you use.
  14. A few years ago cum the State Opening of Parliment all MPs where formally instructed to make sure their mobiles where switched off.
    It seems a group of Left Wing Labour MPs had all arrainged to be called at the time Her Majesty was to speak.
    All where said to have loaded The Red Flag.
  15. They loaded the Red Flag but it actually sounded like Greensleeves, they always do.

    Like the catchy disco beat though.