Shhh the New Labour Stassi are watching us!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by TheHatsRevenge, Oct 15, 2008.

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    Just read this in the Indy, 1984 has arrived BIG BROT.........
    no best not say anymore it might be used against me, beware arrsers will be the first subversives against the wall so shhhh switch to arrsecode immediately they won't understand us then, unless..... they've infiltrated the site...........
    seriously though this idea that the terror threat requires such draconian measures shows the paranioa and the mistrust of our own citizens that this government is suferring from, as a life long supporter of the Labour Party(not these Right leaning power hungry fools in 'NEW LABOUR) it's sadly time for them to go I could even bear the Boy Dave and his ship of fools until a clear party of the people for the people arrises from somewhere, anywhere, please........
  2. Given Government's track record with IT projects in the last 100 years. I predict a Massive database with storage rated in the mutli yottabyte area (1000 to the power of eight) that has to be searched by hand.........
  3. so they are going to log every email, phone call and web site visit - wonder how long before the human rights lobby will be against it.....

    I know, lets all stop using the internet and phones and email and go back to the good old ways of shopping and communicating - snail mail (help the Royal Mail back into profit) and use the local shops.... oh hang on, the local shops are going out of business because they cannot compete with the big boys selling on the internet
  4. Sure this has already been discussed but there isn't the technology that would allow them to store it all sensibly at present. Bit of a back of fag packet plan I guess....
  5. It's hot air and guff so they can pretend to be doing something to "protect" us from death by hair dye..

    I mean 60 Billion text messages and a Trillion emails last year? How much data is that to store???
  6. I hope they are watching - they might just begin to understand exactly how dispised they are by everyone.
    Not that it will change their minds about anything, but at least the cnuts will kbow how we feel about their Sveness.
  7. Don't worry about it, give it 6 months and they'll lose all the data anyway. If they manage to lose the data on a regular basis then they'll not need to worry about how big a system they have to put all the data into.
  8. Bad news chaps. This is an entirely feasible project and not that difficult to implement. The plan, at present (and we all know this will change), is to simply store the dates/times plus origins and destinations of the comms, not the content. Your ISP providers already do this as do your telcos (for billing purposes). They are required to store this for a period of time and make this available to HM Government or authorised representatives when asked. All this new project does is gather all of this information into a central repository of very large server arrays where it can be interrogated at leisure.

    It's when they combine this with storing the content of the messages that we are truly screwed - and it's only Joe public that get the shaft. Anyone with a serious crime/terrorist agenda would know how to communicate off-grid anyway.

    Welcome to 1984. :(
  9. Everybody in the Labor party is a cnut who need to be blown up by an angry bearded man who kills nobody but the labor party ministers.

    I'll be out of jail in 20 years or so.
  10. SECONDED!!! :x

    Save me the cell next to you - I understand there's a waiting list! :D
  11. They can spend as much money as they like on digital data and voice surveilance. But all that they will do is make life much harder for the security services.

    All good military operations employ a deception plan, which is normally followed by a deployment on 'Radio Silence'.

    So once any potential enemies go 'Radio-Silent', any email and mobile phone listening/spying system is pretty much redundant. So then what..?
  12. Honestly, who gives a damn? Will all this stop the next terrorist attack like we saw in London in 2005? No. Will it stop another youth stabbing? No. Will it stop me looking at big titties? No. Will it stop Government corrupsion? No.
  13. ......then our intrepid PCSO's swoop in,ASBO's in hand,and haul the 'terrorists' away to a understaffed 're-education' centre.

  14. Will it enable the gobmint to snoop on whomever they please without having to go through the tiresome chore of dealing with accountability....possibly.
  15. Will have about as much impact on Terrorism as the ID Cards. :roll:

    A waste of money that could be better spent, from a security point of view, on expanding the Spooks and Police.