Shetland BBC1 9pm Sunday 10th March


Is that why you moved there to increase the crime rate 100%?
I have my timer set! Dramatisation of Ann Cleeves first book:

BBC - Media Centre - Shetland

BBC One - Shetland

Anyone else?
I may take a gander at this when it's aired.

Another one of Anne Cleeves' novels, Vera, was filmed very near my house a few months ago. By near, I mean 50 metres away.

Unfortunately I didn't spot anyone famous, just a few of the film crew who all looked thoroughly pissed off with the bracing but dismal weather.

To be fair I actually enjoyed Vera even though it was a fantastically depressing series.
Hamish bastard Macbeth!!!! For three summers you couldn't get a ******* hotel room or a B&B in Plockton during the summer for all the film crew and actors who descended on the place like locusts. The few pubs/restaurants were reserved and sectioned off for the production team and the waiters and waitresses couldn't have given a toss for anyone apart from those involved in the production and whose large bills with equally large tips were on expenses.

**** Hamish Macbeth!

Edited to add: ... and **** Plockton as well!

Joshua Slocum

last time I was in Shetland a bike got nicked and made it into the newspaper
I kept a copy
bloody place is going downhill !!
its those fuckin puffins you need to watch out for, leave yer car for five minutes and they are off joyriding


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It didn't exactly set Up Helly Ah on fire!


I reckon the killer is the odd one footed incomer who doesn't leave normal footprints as evidence, he's not made an appearance yet though!


Toatal, not Toetal or total even?


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recorded it to watch - is it a multi part thing like silent witness etc.. or a one off?

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