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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by coded, Oct 2, 2010.

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  1. I wont bore any of you with details but she has done one with my passport paper part of my driving licence and access to my bank account. Im due to be on a course monday and going back to germany straight after, after contacting her she is refusing to return any of the items, is there a way of forcing her to return them as i will need my licence monday for my course and my passport to return to my unit ?
  2. So she's stolen your passport and part of your driving licence?

    Call her and give her the option to return them and tell her that you're going to the police if she doesn't hand them over. If she doesn't play ball then call the cops and let them deal with her.

    Edited to add: Oh yeah and get onto your bank immediately and put a stop on her cleaning you out as well.
  3. Oh yes - dump the lunatic as well..............
  4. Not a Green Jacket, are you? I would suggest having her dig apit. Make sure you regain control of the shovel for phase 2, though.
  5. 1. Bank.

    2. "Give me back my stuff (which actually belong to the government anyway) or I call the Police".

    3. Police.
  6. What cot said ^ ^ !!