Shes American and quite mad, but would you do her?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Tommo5050, Dec 3, 2008.

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  1. I came across this clip last night, she's scary, ignorant, racist, homophobic and looks like she's seriously forgot to take her meds..... but would you do her? Looks like her Dad and most of the remaining male members of her family already have so don't expect the sound of ripping Hymens.
  2. I'd do her with a claw hammer.
  3. She's a total crank, both Louis Theroux and Keith Allen have made documentaries with the cult.
  4. Wouldn't touch her with someone elses.
  5. got the love the interviewer telling her that she is a nutjob
  6. Seconded with the claw hammer.
  7. These lot are fcuking mentalists-disrupting a soldiers funeral? I'm surprised no ones opened fire on them over there, I'd go fcuking mental and beat sh1t out of them if they turned up at anyone I knews funeral!
  8. claw hammer wrapped in glass-paper.
  9. You just have to look at her and you know that she'd enjoy getting the sh!t beaten out of her.
  10. Watched the documentary on these very sad and screwed up individuals.

    The funniest was when the little kid got drive by water bombed.

    Its horrible to think that they brain wash their kids into believing their junk.
  11. I vote for a law that allows the funeral firing party to summary bayonet any protesters to death at all military funerals both sides of the pond! If that bitch lived in certain countries she'd have been dispatched the first time she opened her gob to protest about anything!
  12. i have a cunning plan ... anyone fancy a trip to the states...
  13. someone should suicide bomb her family then say it was the will of Allah
  14. There was a veterans' motorcycle group/gang that offered free 'security' for all military funerals after this lot started tipping up. I assume that the protests have now been curtailed. :D