She's a bitch!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mav, Feb 10, 2012.

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  1. Mav

    Mav Old-Salt

    At least that's what the Falklands newspaper calls photos of the president of Argentina :-D

  2. Oh great, another thread about the Falklands...... Yay!!!!
  3. Kill me.
  4. Mav

    Mav Old-Salt

    I was just trying to bring some levity... It's at last a little bit funny!
  5. No it's not, it's shit.
  6. Mav

    Mav Old-Salt

    Don't hold back, tell me what you really feel
  7. I've just spent 2 hours cleaning out my dog's ear. I haven't even started on you yet. I am merely playing with you.
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  8. Mav

    Mav Old-Salt

    Don't think I can help you with that chap - other than to point you in the direction of

    Well I'm glad to be of service, to provide you entertainment - we aim to please
  9. I thought she looked OK in the other thread, but this is not such a good look. I would and I wouldn't. More wouldn't. No.

    @ 3S - I can bore you to sleep and then awake again - I'll bring the lamp, you supply the sandbags - I'm good at that. I can also bring some Nutri-Grain to counteract the chocolate. Horny? Yeah, bring it on, I've some hot disbudding irons here...
  10. How's he/she doing? (The dog not Mav). Spaniels' ears are a law unto themselves, scatty but brilliant dogs :)
  11. When did the conversation turn to Dale's "tits"?
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  12. He's dead. Thanks for asking.

    Oh come on, it's the internet, he smells like he's dead anyway.
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  13. Mav

    Mav Old-Salt

    I don't smell that bad!
  14. If you actually were my dog, I'd be kicking the living shit out of you for keeping me awake for nearly 2 days and making me smell of shit, piss and blood.

    But you're not.

    Every cloud has a silver lining eh?
  15. Well, now we're on the subject maybe you tried too hard with the cotton-buds - poked his brains out the other side? Women can be so OCD with that stuff...

    :) OK, dogs do that smell thing, particularly when they have infections (had the anal gland thing yet?) and when they're wet! Still got to love 'em though :)

    edit: crap quoting.
    edit: for crap typing in the edit.