Sherwood Rangers

Hello All,
Did you have a relative who served with the Sherwood Rangers in the Second World War?
If so, I'd love to hear from you.
I have a FaceBook page about the Regiment during this period and am seeking any information, photos etc of those who served.
Many Thanks
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' Foresters'?

Merged with the Worcester Regt in 1970 - The Woofers.

Sherwood Foresters - Wikipedia

Second World War
After garrison service in the interwar years, the Sherwood Foresters next saw action in the Second World War. The regiment served in the Norwegian Campaign, the Battle of France, Dunkirk, the North African and the Italian campaigns. They also saw action in the Far East. Nearly 27,000 men served in the regiment's 17 battalions, suffering officers and men 1,500 killed in action. The regiment won 10 battle honours and 400 decorations, including a Victoria Cross. Other battalions saw service in Italy and North Africa.[15]

1st Battalion[edit]
The 1st Battalion was serving in the Middle Eastern theatre and fought in the North African Campaign and the Western Desert Campaign on the outbreak of war, and was assigned to many different brigades and divisions until late June 1942 when, fighting in Tobruk, the battalion was captured. The few survivors of the battalion returned to the United Kingdom. In September the 1st Battalion was reformed, by the redesignation of the 16th Battalion, a hostilities-only battalion.[16] In August 1944 the new 1st Battalion was transferred to the 183rd Infantry Brigade, part of the 61st Infantry Division and in June 1945 it transferred to the 184th Infantry Brigade, again part of 61st Infantry Division.

Now 2nd Bn The Mercian Regt