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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Harry_Hesh, Sep 3, 2008.

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  1. Can anyone tell me the max and effective ranges of the Sherman Tank - both 75mm and Firefly.

  2. 75mm M61 HE/APC-T
    This is the 75mm APC cannon round used in the U.S. M4 Sherman Tank. The Sherman was the main American battle tank during WWII. Classified as a medium tank it weighed 35 tons and was made in a number of variations with different cannon, this being the type which rolled ashore on D-Day. Although capable of penetrating 3.7 inches of armor at 500 yards, its 75mm gun was a poor match for German tanks like the Tiger and Panther which had 4 to 4.8 inches of frontal armor. The Sherman's corresponding 2.8 inches was easily defeated by the Panzer's 75mm and 88mm high velocity cannon. However, the M4 was simple, reliable and agile, traits the larger German tanks lacked
  3. Many thanks
  4. 75mm Gun M2/M3/M6 -
    Max Range (independent of mount) HE 14,000 yds (M3/M6 guns)
    APC projectile 14,000 yds (M3/M6 guns)
    HVAP T45 projectile capable of penetrating 2.5ins (64mm) of 30 degree homogenous armour at 2000yds range.

    17Pdr Mk.IV & VII -
    Max Range (independent of mount) HE Mk.IT shell 17,000yds
    No max range given for AP projectile performance, but APCBC Mk.VIIIT projectile capable of penetrating 4.7ins (120mm) of 30 degree sloped armour at 1500yds, or 4.4ins (111mm) at 2000yds.

    Source: Sherman: A History of the American Medium Tank by Richard P. Hunnicutt (the Bible for Sherman anoraks).
  5. You been on the Airfix kits and glue again Smudge?
  6. Nope :) That was from Wikipedia I think??
  7. Just out of interest Harry_HESH, why do you ask?
  8. Research!
  9. LOL, fair answer to a fair question I suppose! What, are you writing a book, wargaming, what? Its the internet, I have a right to know everything about everyone :wink: !
  10. We're lucky enough to have a family house en Normandie which was used as an O Mess for les Boches and I am in constant need for more data to impress the family. My eldest is 4 and this time we will be discussing the impregnability of the Tiger 2 and the Royal and also the essentials of mission command. He needs to work on his appreciation skills and it stops him rabbitting on about the incessant crap on CBeebies etc etc...
  11. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Harry is that Hans Von Luck in your Picture?
    Have you read his book?

    In 2003 in New York on an American Firing range at Fort Dix we were firing .50 Cal and MK 19 Grenade launchers at some old Shermans they had down range

    Sorry back on topic when you ready :D
  12. Fantastic, when I have children I have plans on teaching them to be able to explain von Clausewitz to me by the age of 9 or I'll tan their hide!
  13. What's the old line? "Evenings at your place must just fly by!"

    As you're in Normandy, are you teaching him the basics of the Three Hedge War?

    Remember that pre-meditated killing of unarmed men isn't always a war crime, if it involves the presenters of Big Cook, Little Cook.
  14. It is the man indeed. His book was an outstanding read and an incredibly well balanced perspective.

    Poor Shermans - Probably took one round and disintegrated.