Reference Image Sherman Tank M4 all marks and variations

starting with the oldest known Sherman tank.

named Michael after Michael Dewar the Britain's top man in the Tank procurement mission to the USA.

The earlier M3 Bogies fitted to the M3 Grant tank.

one odd trashed rubber roadwheel tyre

not sure this idler wheel is connected to the hub?
early feature, these drivers vision designs.

turret, the gun mantlet has the early rotor type

Michael is the Second Sherman tank made, the first one was kept by the Americans, but has been lost in the mist of time, probably scrapped, wouldn't it be grand if it turned up at the back of some scrapyard in Wisconsin.
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this is a Sherman Grisley, a Canadian variation of the standard M4, slight detail changes like the tracks and number of sprocket teeth.
this vehicle can be studied outside in the public area of the Portsmouth D Day Museum Southsea.

You need a Tank AA, 20 mm Quad, Skink to go with that :)

Also the bovvie ones

Flail Tank

An erect DD :)


Look at the arrse on that :)


Front side view..... really must go back there at some stage
Sorry no photos, but there's a Super Sherman at Eden Camp Yorkshire. It's a non runner parked by the main gate.
There used to be one at St Sebastian Barracks, Soest when it was home to 3 ADSR, good knows where it ended up when it closed down.
Ex target
A Sherman tank after one or two hits.jpg

Russian forces pose on a recaptured M4 Sherman that was used by German Panzer forces
Russian forces pose on a recaptured M4 Sherman that was used by German Panzer forces.jpg

Russian Sherman M4a2(76)W
Russian sherman M4a2(76)W.jpg

M4 Sherman in German service
M4 Sherman = German service .jpg
A heavily camouflaged Sherman crosses a Bailey bridge, River Santerno April-1945



Those Shermans are in Italy, crewed by either the 1st, 2nd or 7 RTR. 4th and 5th were in Europe in 7th ARMOURED Brigade.

If you go to Bayeux, on a DDay tour, there's a Wrecks Museum with a couple of DD Shermans, plus a couple of M10 tank destroyers.
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