Sherbet Fountains

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Chef, Apr 23, 2009.

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  1. A dip-dab is in a red and yellow packet with a red strawberry flavoured lolly. The sherbert fountain is a completely different beast, looking like it was packaged by hand in 1947.
  2. Different product.
  3. Nay lad Dib Dabs were the sherbet in an envelope with a lolly to lick and stick.
  4. What was the one with the liquorice 'straw' that stuck out the end and when you tried to 'suck up' the sherbet through it you ended up having a coughing fit and spewing?

    Chroist I'm losing it..........
  5. that beat sherbert hands down.
    Used to be in big plastic tubs in the sweetie shop to buy by the quarter...or 2oz if you didn't have enough money...a psychodelic coloured sand type texture that made your tongue dance and eyes cross. :D
  6. I'm dissappointed. I thought 'Shebert Fountains' was going to be some euphemsim for a great sexual experience.

    I'll get my coat :oops:
  7. Suppose it could be if you shoved a quarter of it up your japs eye before the vinager stroke :D
  8. Don't think your far off the mark FC.... From what i can remember to eat one you had to bite the ends of the liquorice off and you sucked until you went purple and ,just before you blacked out from lack of oxygen, half the packet suddenly shot straight up into your lungs causing some sort of auto-asphixiation... a 1970's test of manhood to see if you died of suffocation or not.
  9. especially when you emptied the full 1/4 bag of it into a tin of Panda Cola then shook it up.... then you had to spend the rest of the day being chased by wasps after covering both yourself and your mates in the psycodelic slurry
  10. I'v enot had a dibdap in ages, Really gonna need to go get one now...
  11. There you go............a box full of the little beggars
  12. Is nothing sacred anymore? I've only just got over Smarties now packaged in a hexagonal carton! :x