Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by subbsonic, Apr 24, 2005.

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  1. If they gave out medals for living life to the full mate, you would get gold every time: the undefeated champion!

    It might have beat you this time, but you will live on forever in our hearts. If in the coming years, any one of us makes the final RV in that bar at the end of Via Montenapoleone in Milan, there will be no surprises if you're waiting there already.

    Get the G+Ts in girl!!


    Sub :(
  2. Seconded. Tougher than a Regionfull of branch men, but a better mate you couldn't find anywhere. Tragic loss.
  3. RIP Sher, you will be missed.
  4. Not up to date, out of touch - what's happened to my old mate Sher then? :?:
  5. Same here :?:
  6. Sher died last Thursday, from the cancer which had returned full strength. She had been given 2 years, then told 18 months; but I'm told that things went very quickly to the end. Her fiance (SG) was given time off to nurse her at home. Full military funeral at Theipval tomorrow (Friday 29th) then the cremation is at Roselawn afterwards. There is a request for no flowers, bar the family ones and that any donations be made to the cancer ward at the city hospital. There's to be a Memorial service at Chicksands date TBN.

    Very unhappy at not being able to be there. RIP.
  7. sorry to hear about your friend guys......

  8. I am sorry to hear that - at least she is now at peace. And I'll bet she's sorting a few folk out up there!

  9. Gee whiz. I hate it when that happens and no-one tips me off. RIP.
  10. I saw her engagement announcement in the Times last month and was going to get in touch to congratulate her! I was so pleased for her when she got the all clear from cancer and the check -ups were going well, like mine, we shared that ordeal. I was really gutted to hear that last week, I wish she had got in touch with me, bit like Ronnie, knew nothing til it was too late - how sad! RIP :cry:
  11. Very sad indeed. I have to admit, the last time I saw her must have been fifteen years ago, but what a character. RIP.
  12. I echo the previous sentiments.
    I had one or two arguments with Sher over the years, which she usually won because she was the RSM and because, well, this was Sher. However, it's probably worth pointing out here that the reason for some of the fall-outs was because she did so well at encouraging the other Warrant Officers to question everytthing, and to show strong and robust leadership. I always found her to be highly capable and professional, and it was a pleasure to chat whenever I bumped into her after she had been commissioned.
    Lastly, as an ex Green Hut FINCO myself, I can testify to the good job she did there, and know that many police colleagues will also be deeply saddened by her death.
  13. Talk about out of touch but when you say Ronnie who do you mean? No names etc but was he a former RUC man awarded a QGM with the Corps surname beginning with A?
  14. Yes, the late Ronnie Anderson, QGM and bar.
  15. Can you tell me what happened to him - a PM if you like.