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Discussion in 'REME' started by bipolar, Oct 14, 2008.

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  1. Just browsing through the Oct copy of the illustrious Crafty mag and spotted the spanking picture on the back cover.
    Now I know that these guys have provided sterling service for 70 years between them but you would have thought they would have amassed more than the Queens Jubilee Medal and maybe could of squeezed in an Op tour in that time.
    Have they just been lucky?
  2. Bipolar,

    It is not that uncommon for that vintage of officers not to have any op tour gongs. Both of them joined in 1973 and there were not the op tours to go on. Yes NI was busy but there were comparatively few REME officers’ tours and posts. Similar sketch with the FI. Gulf War 1 was a case of being in the right job at the right time. When the Balkans tours kicked in the 90’s both of these officers were in their 40’s and would have been in staff jobs.

    More to do with lack of opportunity than luck.
  3. Still war dodgers!!! :twisted:

  4. Just had a Tiffy left our place a year ago, 1 x Jubilee and 1 x NI medal. He told us on his leaving speech, "skive to survive". What a Top Man.
  5. i know a tiffy with NO medals!!!
  6. Falklands 16

    you're only bitter because he was your boss.

    did he ride a bike per chance????
  7. Nope, he was the old marine who left, before him. 22 years completed.
  8. Knew of a SSgt who had amassed the worthy horde of...

    1. QJM
    2. LS & GC

    That from a career spaning the Armies presense in Iraq (both times), Kosovo, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Sierra Leone, NI, etc. Anything from late 80´s to 2010.
  9. Over the years I have been on a number of career courses with guys who have done the same length of time and in the same trade groups. The disparity in the number of tours the guys have done is massive from 0-7
    To my mind REME records should be doing something to ensure we share the joy of operational tours. As far as I can see they have no idea what tours people have done. If they get on top of that then some of us might eventually achieve harmonisation!!!

  10. Tours generally come around in time with whatever unit you are at. If you leave a unit after one tour, to join a unit that is about to go on tour you can guess what is going to happen.

    Similarly the reverse can happen, and of course tours to BATUS and FI don´t grant medals.
  11. So my "Batus" Star & bars are not real then - bugger

  12. You can wear the brown wings you earned in BATUS but only on your covies!!

  13. Had a CO at 27tpt reg rlc who only had the golden jubilee medal. Seem to recall someones namecard getting passed up to RSM at a reggy dinner saying "can the CO please explain his part in the battle of golden jubilee" priceless!
  14. At least he has one you red arse, Go Hurricanes!
  15. When did being in a Staff job exempt you from trawls?. Irrrespective of where people are serving, the chance to serve on an Op tour exists. Some even volunteer out of their tech zones for the experience.
    Bottom line is they obviously did not want to vacate their comfort zones, even for the period of an op tour. Next you will be telling me they were indespensible in post (for 70 years).