Shellfish Allergy Stopping Me In My Tracks!!!

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I have a situation and just wanted to know other peoples advice/opinions.... About 3 years ago I had an allergy test for shellfish which was positive. My symptons are mild, just vomiting then i'm fine. No anaphylaxis, respiratory problems, swelling. I applied to join the army when i was 18 but got medically failed because of my "allergy". I appealed against it several times but in the end it all came down to health and safety. I think its more of an intolerance but hospital tests will say otherwise. In Jan this year i went for my annual check where they re test me and find out if i've had any more reactions etc etc... They did the skin prick test and the lumps that come up were not as red or big as in Jan 2010 so they sent me for a blood test which is obviously more accurate. They said that if the levels have decreased significantly then we will bring you back and challenge you (I sit and eat some prawns and see what my reaction is like). I recieved a letter stating the above, that my levels of antibodies have reduced and my allergy may be resolving. It made my day. I've read up on JSP 346 - Medical standards for entry and it states that "A past history of such Type 1 (immediate IgE mediated reaction), regardless of trigger, is graded P8 unless there is irrefutable evidence that an individual is no longer sensitive". I've interpreted that if i can eat shellfish without any reaction then that is irrefutable evidence that i'm no longer sensitive. Fingers crossed that my challenge goes ok. I've wanted to join the army since i can remember and this stupid "allergy" is in my way... What do people think? Would i be able to join after all?

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I think you've already posted this before and can't be bothered waiting for an answer. Shellfish Allergy.
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