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On the trail of a “shell” for a sponsored event…I asked my local “Scrappy” … a man who is known to be able to acquire things…he turned this up. Any chance of a little help on identification please?

It’s about 115mm Diameter and 500 long..but this includes something made from what appears to be lead fastened to the base. As we are very near to Albright and Wilson…as was…I’m thinking something with Phosphorous in it and part of the filling mechanism still attached…over to you gents?



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if it was 113mm it would probably be a 4.5 inch Navel gun round and as it has no nose fuse it would be an illumination or smoke round but the case would seem to be quite thick for that,
so Ill say a 4.5 inch starshell
Remeasure the diameter, it's either a 105mm or 120mm Tk shell. SH Prac (Squash Head Practice) or an expended Smoke WP.

The base is as it should be, the shell is base fuzed (except SH Prac). The base also houses the tracers.

The SH Prac usually has a blanking plate at the base, but I can't tell from the photo's. It looks as if someone has attempted to get at the filling from the base (Not a good idea for Smk WP).

It appears expended and therefore FFE. So safe.

From your friendly neighbourhood Ammunition Technician RLC ;-)
Out of interest it's missing the driving band, which was probably copper, I assume removed as it was tradeable as scrap whereas the main body isn't worth much.

The second image seems to show a diagonal cut mark (gas torch?) where it's been split..
Thank you both..120mm TK it is. Cheers.

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