Shell Shock

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BobJamesCo, Jun 10, 2008.

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  1. from the Times today
    ""Government sources say that if a strike affected other fuel companies or there were the merest hint of copycat action, it will invoke emergency powers which could order soldiers to drive tankers for oil companies""

    is there any chance the MOD will use the average pay rate for Tanker drivers as a start point for new recruits in the armed service, or does driving a tanker need far more skill...

    or is this just another abuse of the loyalty of the British Soldier......
  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I think you are just playing for the public vote with your disingenuous remarks. I take issue with that.

    Oil companies would not employ the young men that go into the forces as they do not meet the minimum criteria for such roles. Therefore, they are not likely to earn such a wage in civilian life.

    Once they have had service in the armed forces, they gain sufficient skills to allow such an employer to take them on, at higher civilian rates.

    Please do not suggest that those STILL IN the forces are capable of earning, or due to earn such civilian or commercial rates. It is only on completion of forces service that forces personnel are deemed by the commercial market to be worthy of rates higher than, or equal to a cockle-picker on Morecambe Sands.

    For more information, please contact Des Brown.
  3. The Times is a mere shadow of the force it once was. It's now a Rupert Murdoch rag - and is therefore diluted, dumbed down, replete with horoscope, celebrity goss, Big Brother reports and naughty vicar stories. It's an ad sheet / rumour mill masquerading as a 'newspaper', so we can consign this story, and the other 64 pages, to the bottom of the hamster's hutch.

    Cheers Dirty Digger. Thank you for your ongoing contribution towards the advancement of civilisation.
  4. Biped has sussed me.
    Shell was my first employer on demob and welcomed any ex REME or RE into their ranks and on par with civvys who had worked with them for years. Paticularly in regard to the TA, which it supported.
    Only problem was, the boss would come to you on a friday and ask if you would like to nip to Nigera over the weekend and replace a pump that somone had blown up.

    Back to the thread, sadly, the vehicles that Oil Companies use are far more modern than those operated by the Army and Soldiers would need at least an afternoon training on them,
  5. I'm actually staggered that Shell bowser mongs are on £30,000+ pa... and are not happy. Fire up the outragemobile!
  6. have we got any spare soldiers left for this ?
  7. I think it's in for its M.O.T.?? :?
  8. We can't fire it up. No fuel :!: :p
  9. Burgger - I am agreeing with you again :D
  10. DCDS? - any ideas on TA manning for support to oil strike?
  11. Its HAZMAT training. Incidentally any Forces drivers who are cleared to drive ammo will de facto be cleared (not trained though) to drive tankers.