Shell faces boycott over poppy appeal ban

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by heard_it_all_before, Nov 8, 2009.

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  1. I made a post about this last year but it was largely ignored. But it seems that this year the Scots have lead the way on encouraging the Serving and Ex-Forces society to boycott Shell and that the Times have written a pretty good article.

    As the following article points outs, Shell have bit of a cheek to not support the RBL and the forces as they have had north sea protection from the forces for many years. Plus, I dare say that they won't be shy when it comes to selling Iraqi Oil.

  2. Shall NEVER use shell again then. :twisted:
  3. I use Shell, they give me airmiles, and they're the cheapest fuel round my way.

    A complete non-story. They give to charity through the company, and don't allow any collection tins.
  4. Our Battalion is incredibly lucky to have the 'Brunei Shell Welfare Fund' - money donated by Shell to thank the Queen's Own Highlanders for rescuing their staff during the attempted communist coup in Brunei. The fund is still going strong 40 odd years later. Mind you, that was in the days when the majority of the Royal Dutch Shell Board had fought through WW2. Appalled by this behaviour and will speak to a few contacts who are very high up shell staff.
  5. Bit late in the day to highlight this?

    I'd also like to see some independent verification. Quite often these internet launched embargoes have no foundation and some are the product of an individual with personal axe to grind (not saying this one is but I'd like to see some evidence)
  6. Is it a Shell garage or a Shell franchise?
  7. ???? What,s the problem?, I bought my Poppies at my Shell garage, and have done for the past five years, I reckon this is a non story.
  8. So I'll just drive past a Shell Station and run out of fuel looking for the next station that isn't Shell shall I? No. Because I'm not stupid.
  9. OK a bit of googling and it does appear that this story has some legs. Let's demonstrate the unity and power of the ARRSE community then by lobbying.

    Please call or email Shell and let them know that you dissaprove of their stance and unless publically rescinded by 11 Nov you will boycott Shell and encourage your friends and family to do the same.

    Freephone: 0800 731 8888
  10. This was covered on LBC last week, it is a company policy on all collection tins, although no details where given why I suspect they became fed up with scag heads stealing them.
  11. In one sentence they are not allowing collection, then in the next they are leaving it to the individual station managers.

    With the number of charities on the go at the moment they could fill their forecourts with collecting tins of all kinds and still leave people outraged that they had missed out 'save the lesbian tsetse fly foundation' or some such bollocks

  12. Different companies!

    Indeed but the "lesbian tsetse fly foundation" hasn't been around for eighty years and isn't a cause dear to my heart or many others on here I expect.

    It takes five minutes to email Shell to lobby in support of the RBL to be the exception.

    Everybody keeps posting how "influential" ARRSE is - how it's read by "important" people - well let's see if it really is.
  13. Doh, trust me not to read it properly
  14. I got fuel in a shell station this evening which had a poppy collection tin. Im not saying where for obvious reasons.
  15. It's going to be quicker to post a list of shops that the Poppy Nazis will let us shop in soon