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Those of you who might have come across Sheldrake I have to inform you that he was kiled in Iraq last Friday 17th.

Simon Hall ex 5 Regt RA was working for Securiforce in iraq as a watchkeeeper.He was travelling into Iraq unarmed when the vehicle was attacked and he died from gunshot wounds.

Sad to lose a good guy and good arrser,RIP mate.
RIP. End of Mission

Once a Gunner always a Gunner
Didn't know him personally, but knew his ID on here, and his posts were always recogniseable.

RIP mate, or as you used to say

RIP Sheldrake.
My heartfelt condolences to the family & friends you leave behind.
The world (and ARRSE) has lost a valued friend & a top guy.
Never met him but I always thought of him as one of the good guys.
RIP Shelldrake
Quo Fas et Gloria Ducunt.

Every death in Iraq is awful but it seems worse that a known member of our community has died there.

O Lord Jesus Christ, who dost everywhere lead thy people in the way of righteousness, vouchsafe so to lead the Royal Regiment of Artillery that wherever we serve, on land or sea or in the air, we may win the glory of doing thy will. Amen.

Christ, he posted not that long ago as well

RIP mate
I'd forgotten how he used to write Quack.

Rest in peace.

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