Sheffield Utd are relegated

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by chimp503, Jul 3, 2007.

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  1. Oh my link works, silly me
  2. The Blades have already been relegated, on the last day of the season. They won 2 from 9 of their last game, the Irons won 7. Sheffield United weren't relegated because of a dodgy transfer, they were relegated because they were shiite.

  4. Well said :D
  5. Relegated and drowned in the same week, Sean Bean'll be miffed.
  6. Just to play devils advocate hear, surely the Hammers were shite for the best part of the season tho?
  7. Turned it around at the end thanks to our dodgy signing though!
  8. LOL - that is soooo cruel, at least Sean can vent his anger on a few froggies when he gets the chance :D
  9. Hope you enjoy watching your new signing Sproule tearing defences apart on your rise up the Championship.

    If you haven't seen any of them, there are a few vids showing Ivans goals on YouTube
  10. I have my ticket booked this avo online, £26 is the only down side but that had to be expected. Roll on Aug 11th at home to QPR. Thanks for the tip Commander...
  11. He achieved slight legendary status up at my beloved Hibs for coming off the bench and scoring a hat-trick against Rangers at Snake Mountain, he's fast as a fast thing but his final ball can be annoying, shooting when he should pass, passing when he should shoot...but when he gets it right it's fantastic.

    Oh and a nicer bloke you couldn't wish to meet, he came to full time professional football late and as such doesn't have the airs and graces of some of the more high profile players around.
  12. Did the knobbers honestly think they were going to get reinstated to the Premiership?

    I reckon they just want compo.
  13. Is it now time for the Premier League to have a look into the Kabba transfer ? :D
  14. Can the Premier League still fine Sheffield United if they are now in the Championship? I would love it if they decided to dock points so that if they ever go back up they start on a minus! :lol: