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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by GWAside, Mar 3, 2006.

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  1. Hi

    Anyone frequenting this forum in Sheff UOTC 1998 - 2003..

    Just curious on whose about

  2. GWASIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How're you doing?!?!?
    What are you doing...PM me your email.
    I'm in London and have taken up Medicine (God help the world).


    PS If you haven't already guessed who I am I'll give you a antics at Contingent Dinner 2002...
  3. Tall North eastern Lad here. Off on Telic 8 Shortly. How's it going Gwaside?
  4. Whooo I got some replies...

    Marmite, your puzzling me, any chance of a more specific clue..

    Best of luck on Telic 8..
  5. There's was a picture of me in the "how to pull in Juice" combat estimate powerpoint standing underneath your armpit gwaside. Very strange.
    Not that you'll actually know me though.

    You'll be glad to hear there's still a picture of you as a shark in the mess (d-coy char.)
  6. Ah!! The mighty Juice.. It's amazing what they put in these presentations nowadays..

    Strange thing about that chariciture is I never did join the Navy..

    Is the SUO or Senior Subbie ever on this Forum??
  7. I believe the SUO may have made a post or two
  8. SUOTC: Sep 93 - May 98. Does that count?
  9. Yeah I guess so BDH..

    Although in 1998 I was just a little B Coy so probably wouldn't know who you are..
  10. Did you join in Sep 97 then? Sen Sub was AG and SUO was CR? BS was OC B Coy?
  11. Bullet

    I join a year later Oct 98.. I don't remember AG or CR, but I do BS.. Excellent memories too...

    Proper felt like part of the Mess furniture when I left in 2003
  12. GWAside, how the devil are you? And all the rest of you. I'm busy slaving away in Afghanistan for a total tit who doesn't even wear our very special slime green beret!

    Marmite, how you doing mate?
  13. Hey Busy DN - where are you in Afghan at the mo?

    Am currently KAF for my sins. When were you in SUOTC?
  14. Alright mate. I'm in Theatre HQ inventing new and interesting ways to kill myself - must have really pissed someone of! I was there 2000-2002/3. What bout u? If you have NS/IS down there PM me and I'll pass on my NS address.
  15. GWAside, if you are who you think you are then i was in B coy with you in 98.