Sheffield Joke

The streets of Sheffield echo to the sounds of "Super, Smashing, great" as Bullseye's star prize winners finally get a chance to use their prizes....Their ******* speedboats........

I chuckled when i read that....for the older of us ..i am sure we can all remember the crap prizes that Bullseye had.
I remember the look on an old couples faces, in 1986.

They'd went for Bully's star prize, (101 in six darts or less, non darts player to go first).

They just about fcuking won as well. He threw a spawny treble 18 right at the death, and they won a fcuking caravan. Jim was walking them round it and you could hear the fella telling him, "We haven't got a car, Jim"

The pair of them are still thumbing it to Huddersfield.
You only got the boat or the car if you won. If not,

"Lets have a look at what you could have won. A round the world trip for two, on a private 200 foot cruiseliner, with all the booze and hookers you can manage. Never mind, hears a bloody tankerd."

That was quality Saturday night telly.
I remember quite clearly, I don´t know why, it was a Bruce Forsyth Show in the ´70´s or some other purile shit.
Anyway the little guy in the glasses answers the Q´s no probs.
Brucie" You´ve won an all inclusive trip to Eygpt, Tomb of Cheops. cruise on the Nile....etc"
Little Guy in glasses " I´m Jewish"
Brucie ( after 3 second thought pause" Well lovey , we´ll change that to something else, Nice to see you, to see you NICE"
******* classic. :lol:
With that new series of Bullseye, I can't believe they made the prizes crapper!
My parents were sadists when i was young... sent me to a fancy dress party dressed as Dusty Bin. All they did was cut two holes in the bottom of a black bin.. stuck the lid down (so balanced on me head), painted two eyes on with tipex and stuck a fuggin balloon on for a nose...

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