Shef. UOTC

I am indeed here, sorry, been away doing silly military type things and 'working'.

But actually there are three of us, one seems to remain hidden though.

Out of interest where were you at the weekend Dan? I know some of the guys were on TCB so I assumed you were with them. It was'nt a bad weekend in all though the side wind on the range was a bugger.
Nah. In fact, he shouldn't be that new anymore. Started in September? Don't worry, I'm in the States, not Sheffield. Feel free to dish the dirt, I want to hear what that old geezer's been up to. :wink:
Apologies, I thought you might be said 2IC :]
and yes he did start back in September..I believe he was actually given a tour by a JUO who thought he was a fresher interested in joining, "this is a rifle" etc 8O 8O

Well, he is a fresher too, I guess. What's the dirt on said man? Does he still go on about how laid back he is :twisted: ? I want all the hard, dirty, nasty stories!
If you are talking about the feller I think you are on about, he is a decent bloke. Lives just down the road from me and there is no dirt as far as I know.
That might be handy if he is, as I seem to remember, a trianee medic.
Good thing I didnt reveal anything scandalous! As it seems said Engineer has been informed of goings on in this thread!
As I found out as I drukenly tried to explain it to him last night at the St. Patricks mess do :oops:
Gday chaps. Didn't realise you had pages all of your own. There is some top abuse going down in the 'girls' thread. And Sheffield are being complemented. Huzzah!
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