sheet metal work

Can anyone reccomend a company that does sheet metal work?

I am googling as well, but I thought if anyone can give a good report for any particular company, then it's a better start.

I work for a small Finnish engineering company. Part of our business is heating systems. We've helped set up a similar business in the US. We are looking to, hopefully, start something Scotland.

If anyone knows of a reputable firm that can handle sheet metal work, and maybe welding stuff as well, it would be a great help.

Please send me a PM if you have suggestions.


Babcocks, rosyth

it was a joke ffs
I've used these boys a few times over the years and they've always been very good. They do a lot of small scale sheet metal fabrication in SS and MS but are also capable of some high quality machining work. They made the replacement fan descender for 4 para in Glasgow from the original drawings for me to the relevant British Standard and it was a very neat piece of work.

D Smith
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