Sheep killer (!)

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by msr, Jul 4, 2004.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Anyone want to own up to running his Landrover over a sheep on exercise recently?

  2. was there any evidence of it being involved in a gangbang ? :lol:
  3. No sorry too busy trying to kill dogs in basra to do this exercise thing will try this weekend though .Biggist kill with landrover was 3 rabbits in one go
    got a sheep with a lsw though .
    Couple of years a go a women soldier killed a cow in a rta the
    entire cook house going moo when she walked in reduced her to tears :lol:
  4. saw a sheep once taken out big style by a MILAN :roll:
    impressive shooting hitting one at 1500m
    pity gunner could'nt do the same with the large t72 style target
  5. Saw a female soldier from the CHESHIRES squash the Camp Comedian of Barry Buddons' Great Dane during her HGV driving test.Tragedy for all involved but source of much evil amusement and banter! :twisted:
  6. Pheasant with a Land Rover , and errrrr a runaway gun on Warcop :twisted:
  7. 1976 Otterburn - six barrel mortar line firing. No 1 mortar adjusts onto tgt and three rds FFE ordered. Young MFC suggests to Mortar Officer that if No1 is landing there, then No's 3 onwards may straddle sheepfold. Told to shut up and besides the said sheepfold was in the impact area and would be empty.

    Great joy as lamb chops and kebabs flew in all directions.

    5 yrs later young MFC is now Mortar Officer and driving along road when rather fat lamb breaks cover and ends up under LR. Lamb is laid on road looking less that healthy but not yet dead. Mortar Officer says to Sgt MFC (ex Guardsman GSM Aden, Radfan and NI) put it out of it's misery. Not Me sez Sgt MFC. Put it out of its misery said MO to Cpl MFC (Ex Reg RA, GSM Borneo Aden, Radfan and NI) - "You hit it you kill it" was the response.

    Thankfully for said Mortar Officer lambsy expired just as he was trying to build up courage to twat it with the jack. By great good fortune the next veh along the road was driven by a chap who in civvie life was a butcher. Result roast lamb for supper (though two MFCs preferred the beef) and an interesting chat with Range control when reporting a dead lamb as to why there was no corpse as evidence.
  8. Junior Brecon 1975.

    Live firing Fire Control Orders practice. Each student gives a fire control order and the rest of the section engage using tracer to test said order for accuracy.

    Towards the end of the session people were running out of reference points so one lad chirps up "Section, 300, sheep!"

    At this the instructor bawls " You tw8t, you can't give a referenece that will move"

    You've guessed it.

    BANG! " Section, 300, dead sheep................"
  9. 1999 STANTA, OTC gun troop firing light gun in the direct fire role, at big stick in targets.

    A bunch of sheep emerged from behind the target, where they had been sheltering and at exactly the same moment as the SMIG shouted "check fire", the female No3 pulled the lever and fired - instant mutton stew. The best thing was that she was a vegetarian, and had to put up with sheep killer taunts for the rest of the week....
  10. I'll see your 1 dead sheep and raise you 50!

    Otterburn 1995 - Live fire demo

    Disused (though not according to the farmer) sheep pen (crammed full of sheep) used as a registration point, 6 light guns - end result = 50 dead sheep

    I was very popular with the DS that week 8O
  11. Told this story by a very drunk rlc bloke .during foot and mouth he was
    involved in the slaughtering process .He was told near end of day to drive to one location as there was a problem . Got there to find bunch of Nco standing round a little calf which none of them could bring themselves to kill
    cute little eyes and all . And they asked if he would do it .
    He agreed went to get bolt gun which has diffrent power cartridges depending on what you are killing .got a high power cartidge scraping off paint so others did not know what he was about to do .
    Arrives back to find other soldiers petting and feeding calf . right bolt gun to head squeeze trigger .calfs head explodes covering assembled troops in blood and brain matter causesing several of them to start puking .
    he calmly goes off to pub .
  12. Otterburn again, Airmobile Brigade festival of fun involving guns, LYNX TOW and Jaguar coordinated fire (forgotten the technical term) - guns and LYNX spot on, Jaguar gets an inner on first pass, on second, cannons flock of sheep 500m from target. Fair accuracy if you're doing 420 knots, I suppose ...
  13. I know her as well, Driving Instructor made her do her test then failed her due to " undue pressure" , passed it next time round next day, was speaking to her on Saturday
    :twisted: :twisted: :lol:
  14. out in Germany with bint trying to improve anglo/german relations for an evening..inmy little Renault 5, a hare jumps out in front of car...hit hare, head pops off and bumps up onto windscreen and sunroof and then rear window...body went under car, stingy bits all over the front, German bint promptly boiks up in foot well. not please but stilllaughing from bunny slaughter.

    bit lame i know but still akes me laugh.