Discussion in 'DIY' started by LordVonHarley, Dec 29, 2010.

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  1. Right then my Shedi Warriors, I need some advice on sheds.

    Can any one recommend a good supplier. I've tried Google but it's hard to tell the quality of the sheds from web sites.

    The price difference and ranges of sheds differ a lot from B&Q.


  2. wedge_cadman

    wedge_cadman War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    depends where you live really, I used kirton sectional these, very good quality and they can customise.
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  3. aaarghhh sheds!!!!
  4. I recently bought one of the plastic sheds from B & Q - the Keter Gemini 6x6x6 foot @ c.£350. Comes as a flat-pack, but slots together with plastic twist-lock bolts. Easy to assemble, and rock-solid construction. I did research loads of wooden sheds at the lower end of the price range, but I reckon this plastic one easily beats them all.

    Keter Gemini Resin Shed - (H) 6ft10in x (W) 5ft10in x (D) 6ft6in, 7290002181118
  5. Where in the u.k. are you?

    if you need any tunnelling doing myself, Tom o' Shot and digger are available.
  6. Thats not a Shed, its a large tupperware box!!!
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  7. My Mum had a plastic shed in her garden as a cheap storage option. Very good quality and dead easy to build. The only draw back was the security of the doors.

    This bad boy has caught my eye.

    Heavyweight Workshop Sheds | Garden Workshop Shed

    Need to find out if they deliver to Edinburgh.
  8. I bought some old telegraph poles, some timber 4 by 2s and a load of corrugated sheet tin. lay a concrete slab and stick your tele posts in then make the rest up as you go along. got a massive shed out of it, one that wont burn down or, if plastic (!!!) melt !!.
    the downside is small.... just that you have, in effect, got the beginnings of your own shanty town in your garden.
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  9. Seconded! Shouldn't a shed by definition be made of wood?

    Anyway,here's mine .

  10. Don't buy it from Screwfix and as Screwfix and B&Q are the same mob, I'd avoid B&Q as well.
    I bought a Screwfix one a couple of years ago and it's crap. The tongue and groove wood on the side panels is nailed on slightly too far apart (tongues not deep enough into the grooves), so in warm weather a gap forms between them. Then it rains and the wood distorts so the tongue doesn't go back in the groove, so the water and wind pisses in. It's all nailed with one of those nailgun things, so I can't get the nails out to sort it without buggering an inch or so on the end of each bit of wood. It would cost more in time and timber to fix than it's worth, so it's sitting in the yard rotting and pissing me off.
    Have a look in your local rag for a local small shed supplier/maker who will probably make you a far better shed and will be close enough to complain too if there is a problem.

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  11. That is one weird shed !
    so many questions...
    why the double doors ? so you can drive your cadillac in.?
    why is it so short ?
    whats that little monks bell for ?

    is it full of dead prostitutes rolled up in carpets ?
  12. Oh shut up! Maddy is quite happy with it. Especially since I recently installed a heater.
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  13. thats as maybe ! ... but youve still not explained the presence of that little gay bell.... for summoning someone , or something, but what ? prey tell... its easily the most disturbing thing on the picture.
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