Sheds ? Yesterday's compost heap.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Ciggie, Apr 16, 2011.

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  1. Bugger sheds. Wheelbarrows are IT. They ARE.
  2. Don't you know the use of the word s**d is banned on this site?
    It's a temporary wooden structure!!! FFS :)
  3. My wheelbarrow is 17 years old, there are a couple of rust holes in it, but the tyre is still ok. What a bargain it was.

    The Temporary Wooden Structure arrives on the 28th of this month, all tongue and groove (what does that conjure up pictures of Hmmmmm) It is only 6x4, so will be small but perfectly formed.
  4. I inherited my Grandads.I've changed the tyre and wheel,the body and the handles,but it is in original condition otherwise.
  5. Be sure to fit it out with old furniture and kitchen cabinets rescued from skips etc!!! Then get yer arse into the Autumn Season of Mellow Fruitfulness thread and enjoy :wink:
  6. Sorry, I forgot about never mentioning Andy Mc Shed or the pink boathouse. Oh, damn and blast.....
  7. I think dried cement is very sexy on a wheelbarrow. Am I a pervert ?
  8. Hmmm, 6 x 4 is dissapointedly small for such a structure.... How about adding a porch and an extension? A handy rack for those useful, but long, odd bits that are too useful to chuck out, but would otherwise clutter the structure. Plus remember to position said structure to leave a useful space behind or next to it, that you can roof over with board or tarp. Makes a useful space for a deckchair and quiet, reflective, moments to enjoy a beer or three.

    Finally, consider the paint job. Olive green or camouflage is good, but avoid using those horrid blue tarps, makes the place look tacky like a junk yard. Just a couple of thoughts...

    However, for winter use I can recommend using a small wood burning stove. Gives heat, a handy place for a kettle, and a nice ambience [smell] to the place. Camp Bling, Southend, used to be the place for inspiration; Gallery: Camp Bling from start to finish

    Just my tuppence worth, take it or leave it, 'tis your structure...
  9. Having viewed the camp bling link!
    I see what you mean about those blue tarps!!!
    Looks proper fucking pikey it does :)
  10. Alas my temporary wooden structure needs a new tar paper thingy roof tried focus today but no joy any one any ides where to get them the long haired Hitler is moaning that its letting water in.

    As to the wheel barrow had mine ever since I borrowed it from a work site in Germany mid 80s I must take it back one day.
  11. An old wheelbarrow makes an excellent improvised BBQ :)
  12. Iranian Embassy ? Garden ? Say no more. Some wheelbarrows get no medals......
  13. can you still get them ones that instead of a wheel it was just a big plastic ball? I am sure they used one in the blue peter garden. The flash bastards.
  14. Enough to give you the Blue Tarp Blues...

    I can confirm this, with the use of chicken wire attached (in my case) to two planks of wood as a grill. :)
  15. Yeah they're called Dyson's now :)