Shed your tears and walk away

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Juan_Ramirez_III, Jun 21, 2010.

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  1. What a load of f*cking c*ck....

    Ive got a house in the village about a mile and a half up the canal from Hebden, this place is mega.

    It's full of amusing looking lesbians, hoofing book shops and cool little boozers where you can lose the power of sight for less than £20.00

    It is also full of f*cking bag heads. Filthy dishevilled creatures who float round the epi centre of the village scratching their hair and dragging round dogs attached to bits of blue string.

    As is the norm a f*cking artsy type returns to his roots, locks up his Saab then immerses himself in the past to finally resurface clutching the sword of understanding, and a weepy classical soundtrack to accompany his film.

    What he doesnt say is that the place is full of over indulged little c*nts and people who turn up there in a state anyway.

    Many of the 'broken' victims of drug and alcohol abuse along that 3 mile stretch of loveliness have floated in from 3 and 4 bedroom detatched houses, who have had executives for parents and who have followed a trendy spiral of a bit of weed, few lines ect ect before ending up sharing a doss house in Todmorden with 3 or 4 other whingebags f*cked on brown and rock.

    'there's nothing at all round here for me, no work or anything' said one in the paper once, not really something that holds a lot of water when Manchester, Leeds, Huddersfield and Halifax are all within 35 minutes and £5.00 on a train away.

    More excuses for not working and liberally self medicating than the f*cking Jocks
  2. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    You were quite believable until you finished off with that little gem :D
  3. No but there is a foul gender bender called 'Wendy' in one of the charity shops. All the wrong un's chant its name as it walks down the street, 'Wendy!' 'Wendy!' 'Wendy!' 'Wendy!' :D ... I was buying a Tony Blair autobiography from his shop once, looked up from my wallet and found myself being grinned at by f*cking Jim McDonald in a Laura Ashley frock.
  4. You shagged it anyway, didn't you? I mean, buying Tony Blair's autobiography demonstrates a worrying lack of standards....
  5. the whole fukcing place needs cordoning off and quarantined. Filthy villiage inhabited by mongs, social workers hippies lesbiand and pedo's.
    Some are even mong social worker hippy lesbians.
  6. You say that as if it was a bad thing :twisted:
  7. It also has a vibrant swinging community, which is handy if you enjoy watching a 50 year olds hairy bottom banging away into a furry slot on a canal boat....
  8. Bloody hell not another shed thread ...........................
  9. #

    Coordinates please (WGS84). :)
  10. I'd have the RSPCA around. That must surely frighten the ducks.
  11. He said furry, not feathery.
  12. Canada Geese...thousands of the f*cking b*stards :D Very amusing watching sandal wearing socialists trying in vain to protect their dogs from the hissing monsters!