Shed of The Year Entrants

No. 9 :thumright:

Want one!

Wouldn't mind a deltic either. Which deltic exactly?


13 for me. Could a Deltic hook up to that?
She who must be obeyed was questioning why I need a big shed. I pointed out that it had to be my office when I come out of themob next year and when I retire it will be home to the model railway. I actually want one big enough to do both in at the same time but I didn't want to mention it at the time - they just don't get the shed thing women.
Shed 3, a "Colne Valley Postal History Museum" containing such Post Office equipment as;


First I tie 'em up, get my uniform on, then I weigh 'em, then go to work on 'em with the scissors and knives.

He looks like a nonce as well.

Vote Shed 3 - possible arrse'r.
Nice of them to demonstrate to activities carried out in their shed!


Edited to add: I'd do her too! :nod:

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