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Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Jerrycan2793, Oct 7, 2012.

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  1. I own a 2.0 Litre diesel 206 (2001)

    Stumped by a problem, Mechanic Friend also stumped. The car seams to be eating Discs/Pads, 2 pairs in 6 months yet nothing appears to be wrong with the vehicle. Last set lasted about 6 Weeks before I started getting the Judder of warped discs again.

    Tried replacing them to no avail. Obviously replacing the disc without a clue to the problem is just pissing money away but I havent got a clue what could be causing this.

    Any ideas?
  2. Check the back brakes work
  3. I'd be worried about the condition of your brake calipers,
    are they returning far enough? six weeks is simply to short a life for brake pads,are your discs overheating that will cause warping
    are you using dealer parts? or spurious parts? for the sake of a couple of quid it's worth using genuine brake pads.
    is there any noises evident?
  4. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    front or rear?

    if the brakes are binding then your fuel bill will be going up as well.
  5. Probably failure of the rear wheel cylinders, causing brake fluid to piss all over your rear drums and shoes making them ineffective. Therefore the fronts are working too hard and wearing faster, or they're binding like the other man said.
  6. The clues may be in the question...

    If you get the judder of warped discs, it could be because you've got warped discs.

    If your mechanic friend keeps replacing them and the problem repeats, take your car to a place where your mechanic friend isn't and get the discs replaced there.

    If your mechanic friend has been buying dodgy discs or has been fitting them wrongly, the problem won't return.

    "Mechanic friend"! - I suppose you have a Civil Engineer and a cheap lawyer among your acquaintences...
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  7. As regards comments about weak back brakes causing the front brakes to work harder, if the Pug is anything like a Citroen, the back brakes don't work anyway until you've got a load equivalent to three people sitting in the back...
  8. Sticking callipers or sliders does sound quite possible.... Very cheep after market parts if used could also be a cause although never use dealer branded parts, they are just Brembo or Quint & Hazel or Ferodo with the manufactures name printed on them and a 50% mark up.

    Yeah it will be going up but if they are binding that much to have a noticeable increase in fuel consumption I think the first combat indicator will be when he dips the clutch his Pug tries to do a handstand!

    No.... Just no!
  9. Mechanic is a family friend, I think his professional pride is dented by this and i have never had a problem with his work previously. We have used Ferodo pads not sure on make of discs. It's the front discs which are the problem. I'm pretty certain the discs are warped I just can't figure the causation of said warping.

    The car has also been into kwik fit they can see nothing wrong.

    When I bought the car I did discover lots of issues, had it over a year and we have discovered a lot of bodges I think there will be an underlying problem rather than parts failure. Back to the garage tomorrow anyway will see what it throws up.
  10. It could be down to your driving...

    Found this: -Warped- Brake Disc and Other Myths

    Now, I've never been issued with break-in instructions when pads have been replaced, other than "don't try to stop quickly until they're bedded in, so don't drive stupidly fast for the first 50 miles..."
  11. Most of my driving is city driving,

    on the second replacement I did consider it may have been my driving. My days of rallying around like a nutter are about 5 years behind me and I do drive sensibly these days.

    Thanks for your input everyone, I'd rather not replace the discs without getting to the root of the problem.

    With it being the diesel everything seems to be different from the petrol counterparts (fault code reading for example is pretty much a main dealer job as non of my local garages have equipment with the right software)
  12. If you do go down the route of harsh deceleration from 60mph to 5mph ten times to break your new brakes in, could you give us a heads up on which roads to avoid?

    I foresee carnage. Or road rage.
  13. A63 westbound tomorrow around rush hour, that way ill fit in with the rest of them
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  14. A good way to check for binding brakes is bring the car to almost stopped then let it roll, if they are binding it'll stop dead at some point. Sticking calipers have a habit of curing themselves when the discs cool down, makes 'em harder to spot. Old brake hoses can swell internally & act like one way valves, notoriously difficult to diagnose as they look the same and slowly leak back the fluid from the caliper.
  15. Could the problem be away from the brakes? You say "lots of bodges", it's not been front ended and had its geometry skewed or something (lozenged?)?