Shearer becomes temporary Toon boss

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by box-of-frogs, Apr 1, 2009.

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  1. Shearer apparently has 8 games as the boss to stop them getting relegated. why aye linky

    I presume its not an april fools gag as its in several papers. What do you reckon? Keep them up or a flop? Personnaly, I hope he does keep them up and relegates Blackburn in the process!
  2. I've nothing against Shearer personally, but I still bear a grudge against them after how they treated Big Sam, so I hope they go down!
  3. initially thought this was an April Fool, seems to be on all stations though!!

    Hope he keeps them up, we (Boro') are Fcuked, it would be a shame for 2 NE clubs to get relegated, and the Mackems aren't out oof it yet either
  4. I think you're right about the smoggies being doomed. West brom have gone already so its a fight for the 3rd slot! I fear Big Sam may do enough to keep Blackburn up but i can still hope!
  5. sods law says that Sam keeps them up on last day and condems Bolton or the geordies, just been looking at the run in and Newcastle have some shockers!!!
  6. About bloody time. His influence at that club is insidious...for years he's been manipulating events behind the scenes but hasn't had the bottle to step up...until now.

    I personally can't wait until he cocks up bigtime and is exposed as the utter fraud that he is.
  7. He's got his work cut out.
  8. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    What is it about ex players jumping straight up to premier clubs as coaches? Barking.

    Appointments are being made due to who they are (were) rather than a proven competence. Has beens! Shearer doesn't have any coaching experience - just what the club needs.

    It would be far better to get someone who has practised the ins and outs at a smaller club and knows a little about what he is supposed to be doing.

    Shearer is on for a beating. I don't think he has the personality to do the job anyway and I think we will see the spiteful child appear sooner than later when he doesn't get his way.

    Time to sacking? Less than a season.
  9. Think it's a win, win for Big Al, if we go down he will be teflon coated and shite won't stick as they can blame every bugger else for religation. But if by miracle of miracles (will be with the next few games as they are a mixture of hard graft and 6 pointers!) we actually stay up, then there will be a new messiah on Tyneside and the sun will be shining out of his hoop!

    Lets see how he fares after next seasons, err 'Autopsy' and we can assess him properly after a complete season in the gig.
  10. [align=center]

    My bold, Think that's why he took the job, according to t'interweb he is having Dowie as No2. Good players don'y automatically make good managers though (Bryan Robson, Gareth Southgate anybody!!) Your run in is awful, lucky there are so many teams still in the brown stuff and only one place left.
  11. I think Hoochie hits the nail on the head - a no lose situation for Shearer. I personally believe the club will go down this season with the messiah at the helm. I think he is just there on a temporary basis, or to preside over relegation, whichever you prefer. But I am tempted to believe he may will stay next season and enjoy the adulation as he attempts to guide the club back up as Champions in The Championship. A feat that I think most clubs would struggle to do - but one I believe is easily within the grasp of a club like NUFC
  12. I think it will secretly be Dowie doing the managing, he's not made a bad fist of it at the so called 'smaller' clubs so far - where he would have a had a FAR smaller budget.

    We officially have the two ugliest people in football at the club now (obvisouly exluding 'hit with every branch on the hidious tree" Colin Hendry), club ambassador Peter 'Quassimodo' Beardsley and now Ian 'What The Fek is it?' Dowie!!! :wink:
  13. Good point, get Tony Adam in and you could have the ugliest management team in the world!! Didn't Hendry play in the same Blackburn side!
  14. No, they'll survive and then he'll stay on permanently and have an entire season to feck it all up.

    Still don't know why you Geordies got rid of Bobby Robson. Hard to believe now you were in the latter stages of the CL just a few years ago.

    Hope you stay up!
  15. My prediction.Newcastle out of the Premiership this year-and Sunderland stays up.Middlesborough-who cares?